Posted: 19.05.2017
By Prof. Naveen Kumar Jain
Importance of Science of Living: Anuvrat, in the modern Education system The aim of education system is to impart humility to all so that so called educated human is full of compassion towards downtrodden, animals, insects, plants, rivers or even mountains. The larger goal on the education system is to liberate human beings from all the sufferings that’s too at the permanent basis at the individual level, and...
Posted: 04.07.2016
Anuvrat Samiti, Delhi ANUVRAT CURE: The greatest tragedy of this era is that in search of success, todays youth is embracing death by committing suicide. Statistical data says that India tops the list of maximum suicides between the age group 15 to 29. As the results of class X & XII board exams are out, students succumbing to the pressure starts resulting in suicides. According to National Crime Record Bureau...
Posted: 05.01.2016
Delhi, 03.01.2016 Anuvrat Samiti Delhi organized its first event of 2016 Anuvrat Sangosthi, "Nai Disha Nai Prerna" at Anuvrat Bhawan in the pious presence of Mantri Muni Sumermal ji swami and Muni Kishanlal ji swami. The chief guest of the event Mr. Imran Hussain Environment Minister Delhi govt. assured full support for the organisation. Eminent speakers Muni Vijay Kumar, Muni Udit Kumar, Dr. P.C.Jain, Mr. K.L...
Posted: 04.01.2016
Delhi, 03.01.2016 Recent event conducted by Anuvrat in the presence of Mr. Imran Hussain - New Delhi Environment and Food Minister. News in Hindi: 2016.01.03 Anuvrat.Mr. Imran Hussain 00 2016.01.03 Anuvrat.Mr. Imran Hussain 01 2016.01.03 Anuvrat.Mr. Imran Hussain 02 2016.01.03 Anuvrat.Mr. Imran Hussain 03
Posted: 31.12.2015
ANUVRAT Anuvrat is a code of conduct for building a healthy society. It is a campaign for the regeneration of moral, human, and spiritual values in individual and thereby the society and national at large. It is true that we have all become prey to materialistic approach of behavior, the reason being dishonesty, greed, Insensitivity and inhuman nature. But ANUVRAT is a sigh of relief. The Anuvrat movement...
Posted: 21.09.2014
Anuvrat International Conference New Delhi, India. 26th to 28th September 2014 Acharya Tulsi Birth Centenary Celebration Provional Agenda:
Posted: 21.08.2014
Anuvrat International Conference ►Delhi ►26-28.09.2014 Provisional Agenda Friday, September 26th 2014 10:00am - 10:45 am Escorting and settling down at the Venue 10:45am - 11:00am Inaugural Ceremony 11:00am - 1:00pm Plenary Session 1 Opening 1:00pm - 2:00pm Lunch 2:00pm - 3:30pm Plenary Session 2 Ecology & Conservation of Environment 3:30pm - 4:00pm Tea/Coffee Break 4:00pm - 5:30pm Plenary Session 3...
Posted: 11.04.2014
Invitation: Anuvrat International Conference New Delhi, India. 26th to 28th September 2014 Acharya Tulsi Birth Centenary Celebration The birth centenary of Acharya Tulsi ( ), the IXth Head of Jain Shwetamber Terapanth is being celebrated from November 5, 2013 to October 25, 2014. Acharya Tulsi is also founder of Anuvrat Movement. Anu means atom & vrat means vows, Anuvrat meaning atomic or...
Posted: 04.12.2013
Invitation For Participation Welcome to Rethinking Anuvrat 2014 WHEN: September 26, 2014 - September 28, 2014 WHERE: Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, New Delhi, India Jain Vishwa Bharti University, Ladnun in conjunction with Acharya Tulsi Janm Shatabdi Samaroh Samiti Jain / Swetambar Terapanthi Mahasabha is proud to announce the First International Conference on Anuvrat, to be held from September 26 - 28, 2014 at the...
Posted: 04.10.2008
By Dr. Rudi Jansma
Our “little helpers” the anuvratas , need some explanation, which I will put here in the form of discussing some critical questions. This is not exhaustive. The questions are only a few examples of what is on people’s minds. In the Jaina scripture we come across two categories of vows - mahāvrata (great vows meant for ascetics) and twelve anuvrats for house-holders or śravaks (lay persons) which include...
Posted: 02.10.2008
By Dr. Rudi Jansma
While the world in this spiritually dark age - which has already traversed several millennia and will still last many millennia - is struggling with war and crime, fear and ignorance, frustration and the cultural misunderstandings between countries and continents, there have always been at least a few who came to help, to show us the way to a happier and more elevated living, to guide us during our long and...
Posted: 29.09.2008
By Shivani Bothra
Ahimsa (Nonviolence) Day, September 28, 2008 Anuvrat week was started on Sunday 22nd September 2008 at Anuvibha Bhavan Jaipur. Subsequently each day of the week to come was devoted to a specific subject like Science of Living, Environment, Coexistence, Anuvrat, Nonviolence etc. Today is Sunday and Anuvibha Bhavan, located in Jaipur is packed with audience who has come to listen and fully understand the...
Posted: 28.04.2007
By Dr. Sohan Lal Gandhi
If we believe in religion, we must unite ourselves to stop the dance of violence and purge religion of the stigma that it generates more violence and hatred than love Anuvrata is one way. Acarya Tulasi makes an important point in his message. He says that seeds of non-violence should be sown in the minds of young people. Seville statement issued by the top scientists of the world in 1985 - the International year...
Posted: 27.04.2007
By Dr. Sohan Lal Gandhi
The most important thing about the Movement is that it strives after the middle path steering clear of the two extremes of absolute asceticism (mahavratas) an unbridled materialism resulting in moral torpor. The Anuvrata Movement aims at ushering in an era of self-awakening - the antithesis of the Atomic Age.
Posted: 26.04.2007
By Dr. Sohan Lal Gandhi
Finally an outline emerges and Acarya Sri launched the Anuvrata Movement in Sardarshahar on March 1, 1949. Earlier, nine-point and thirteen-point programmes had been propagated in an experimental manner.
Posted: 25.04.2007
By Dr. Sohan Lal Gandhi
Anuvrata is a network of self-transformed people who volunteer to discipline themselves by accepting small vows and adhering to them out of conviction without expecting any reward for it. It is a movement of small vows or what we call a movement to rid society, nation and the world of moral filth and hatred. It is based on the view that the transformation of an individual into a responsible self-disciplined...
Posted: 22.09.2006
Anuvrat Award 2006 will be awarded to Dr. Mahavir Raj Gelra, noted scholar of Jainology and former vice-chancellor of JVBI Ladnun, deemed university. Anuvrat Award is given to persons promoting peace, culture and education for the youth, as well as supporting their spiritual growth.
Posted: 26.10.2005
By Editor Aparigraha Jain, Editor Carla Geerdes
From 26th September to 2nd October 2005, an Anuvrat week was celebrated in Sri Dungargarh, a town of 70.000 inhabitants in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan. The regional Anuvrat council had organised this week under the spiritual guidance of Munishree Rajkaranji, disciple of Acharaya Mahaprajna. Munishree Rajkaranji and the monks of his group, as well as learned speakers from the Anuvrat council gave lectures...
Posted: 29.02.2004
By Acharya Tulsi
Anuvrat Code Of Conduct Acharya Tulsi and his Yuvacharya Mahaprajna Aims To inspire people to observe self-restraint irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, country or language. To establish the values of friendship, unity, peace and morality. To create a society free from all kinds of exploittion. Eligibility All those who believe in leading a pure life will be entitled to become anuvrats . Categories One...

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