Posted: 05.05.2008
Sadhvi Nirvan Shree Sadhvi Yogkshem Prabhaji Sadhvi Lavinya Prabhaji Sadhvi Kundan Yashaji Sadhvi Mudit Prabhaji Welcome Function For Samanijis in Kolkata On 29th April 2008 Samani Sheel Pragyaji arrived at Kolkata with her group of 4 Samanijis from Cuttack, Orissa. A welcome function was held in presence of Sadhvishree Nirvanshree at south Kolkata Sabha Bhavan where Samanijis Sangh Pragyaji and Malli Pragyaji...
Posted: 23.04.2008
By Sushil Bafana
Sadhvi Nirvan Shree Sadhvi Yogkshem Prabhaji Sadhvi Lavinya Prabhaji Sadhvi Kundan Yashaji Sadhvi Mudit Prabhaji     Birthday of Lord Mahavira was celebrated with enthusiasm at Kolkata on 18th April 2008. In the morning ahimsa rally started from three different points and all 3 merged into one at crossing Of M.G Road and Kalakar Street. The impressive rally reached at Mahasabha Bhavan. Sadhvi Nirvan Shree...
Posted: 08.04.2008
Sadhvi Nirvan Shree Sadhvi Yogkshem Prabhaji Sadhvi Lavinya Prabhaji Sadhvi Kundan Yashaji Sadhvi Mudit Prabhaji Last chaturmas (2007) Sadhvi Nirvanshree and her group spent at South Kolkata Terapanth Bhavan. According to instructions she received from Acharya Mahaprajna after chaturmas Sadhvi Nirvanshree and her group moved to different places of South Kolkata area - to East Kolkata - North Kolkata and Central...
Posted: 01.10.2007
More than 100 members of the Jain Samaj, Delhi called on the President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil at Rashtrapati Bhavan on September 27, 2007. The members of the Jain Samaj met the President on the occasion of Kshamavani Divas - the Day of Universal Forgiveness.
Posted: 28.09.2007
17.09.2007 Universal Forgiveness Day The last day of the paryushan at the end of the Samvatsari was celebrated as Maitri Divas. The programme started at 6.15 A.M. Thousands of lay followers were present. Those having done Poushadh were present after doing their pratikraman in the morning. Most reached from their home from whole of the greater Kolkata.
Posted: 25.09.2007
With the blessings of H.H. Acharyashri Mahaprajna and under the guidance of Samanijis, Gyanshala will commence this year on Sunday, October 7, 2007 and will run until Sunday, May 18, 2008. Classes will be held Sunday afternoons from 4pm-6pm at the First Presbyterian Church, 1295 Oak Tree Road, Iselin, NJ 08830. Each 2-hour class will include three mandatory subsections - Jainism, Science of Living (Prayer, Yoga...
Posted: 25.09.2007
16.09.2007 The last day of the eight days religious worship - “Paryushan Mahaparva” is known as Samvatsari Mahaparva, that is the Great Annual Festival. Millions of people observe a fast on this day, recite the deity’s name, practice meditation, engage themselves in studies, listen to discourses & undertake deep self - analysis.
Posted: 24.09.2007
15.09.2007 The seventh day of the Festival of Amity & Peace was observed as the Dhyan Diwas (meditation day). Sadhavishree Nirvanshreeji graced the occasion by saying that the Paryusan Mahaparva helps bring a new recourse in our life. She said that it is essential for one to be acquainted with its own soul. This acquaintance is possible only through meditation or dhyana. The element “Truth” in its true...
Posted: 23.09.2007
14.09.2007 The sixth day of the paryushan festival was observed as the jaap (chanting of mantras) diwas. Sadhwi shree Nirwanshreeji, on the occasion of jaap diwas described the importance of jaap(continuous chanting of one or more mantras. She said, continuous chanting of mantras can help a man in creating a layer of safety of his soul.
Posted: 19.09.2007
Thousands of men & women from Udhana and nearby places came for celebrating the Samvatsari Festival under the guidence of Sadhvi Prabalyasha ji supported by Sadhvi Saurabhyasha ji & Sadhvi Suyashprabha ji. Programme had been started at 8.00 am & continue till 5.00 pm in evening.
Posted: 18.09.2007
By Samani Akshay Pragya
Every human being has five sense organs, and each organ has its own significance. But out of these five, the pair of delicate eyes is dearer to all. Man loves looking at the exter­nal world, which is a function of biological eyes. There is an­other way of looking; that is to look inside, with our mental and conscious eyes. The question is what do we see with our inner eyes? We are supposed to see our...
Posted: 18.09.2007
13.09.2007 The great ascetic Gurudev Shri Tulsi, one of the greatest preachers of Jainism, had a dream of a one-week series of discoveries. These discoveries are structured on three basic themes: (1) Anuvrat, (2) Preksha Dhyan, and (3) Jeevan Vigyan. Anuvrat is a code of conduct of non-violence, of non-sectarian religion or universal religion. Anuvrat is a sacred resolve to give up violence and adopt...
Posted: 16.09.2007
12.09.2007 Elements of violence in one’s mind results in quarrelling exploitation & jealousy which adds to the sorrow & chaos in ones life. People quarrel at home, in society, in the nation with each other, due to non-application of restraint on language (Bhasha, Vaani). Bhasha (language) is one of the most important components of peaceful co-existence.
Posted: 15.09.2007
11.09.2007 The Third Day of the sequence of Ashtahnik Upasadiksha (eightfold initiation) was observed as the “Samayik Diwas.“ Samayik is said to be an act of purifying ones soul from karmic bonds caused by our actions by meditation & prayer. Samayik means to be in the soul or self through meditation. This is the state of complete thoughtfulness by knowing ones self for a mahurat (48 minutes).
Posted: 14.09.2007
10.09.2007 The second day of the Paryushan Mahaparva was being observed as the “Swadhyay Diwas”, (Day of Self Study and Study of Scriptures). The day is of special relevance in today’s world of modern materialistic & money centred environment where education lost it’s true meaning and is limited to reading or cramming a book to enable oneself to earn money in future through the use of the education...
Posted: 13.09.2007
09.09.2007 Paryushan is an important festival of Jains. The festival is celebrated worldwide by the Jains as the festival for the discovery of truth of the worldly life & the inner wisdom of ones self. This festival does not follow the dead conventions & traditions, instead requires constant watchfulness & control over ones self to preserve the source of eternal happiness by fasting, practicing...
Posted: 13.09.2007
Saturday Sept, 15th 2007 after pratikraman at Kennedy Park School in Iselin
Posted: 10.09.2007
Join the live webcast directly from the JVB Orlando's web site. Here is what you will do just 5 minutes before the Swadhayay starts:
Posted: 09.09.2007
Featuring: Daily Pravachan, Pratikraman, & simultaneous children’s Sessions in English. Paryushan: September 9th to 16th 7:30 to 9:30PM Samvatsri: September 16th: 6:30 to 9:30PM Daslakshan: September 17th to 25th 7:30 to 9:30PM
Posted: 06.09.2007
By Pravin K. Shah
Paryushan or Das Lakshana Parva is the single most important festival in the Jain religion. This year it is observed from September 8 to 25, 2007. The Shvetämbar sect observes it for the first 8 days while the Digambar sect observes it for the last 10 days where it is known as Das Lakshana Parva. During these eight or ten days, the entire Jain community becomes engrossed in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and...
Posted: 05.09.2007
Samani Akshay Pragya Samani Vinay Pragya Paryushan & Dash Lakshan Program Outline Date Day Event Time Venue Comment 9/7/2007 Friday Samani Akshaya Pragyaji & Samani Vinay Pragyaji Arrival 1:30PM Airport Dharmesh will pick both Samaniji 9/8/2007 Saturday 1st day of Paryushan Parv 5:00PM to 7:30PM Hindu Temple Auditorium Importance of Paryushan, Kalpasutra Vanchan 9/8/2007 Saturday 1st day of Paryushan Parv...
Posted: 02.09.2007
We have the following programs during the Paryushan. Please help us to organize the programs efficiently by responding as requested below:
Posted: 01.09.2007
With the auspicious blessings of Acharya Shree Mahaprajna, and the guidance of Samaniji, JVB London has developed a DVD, CD and book that will provide guidance on Pratikramana. This Pratikramana is short, modern and relevant to today’s generation. Although we recognise that it is not the original Pratikramana as per the scriptures, it is hoped that it is a suitable step for today’s Jains, especially the...
Posted: 31.08.2007
By Pravin K. Shah
Anger, ego, deceit, and greed arising out of attachment and aversion are the soul’s impurities. To remove such impurities, Jainism has prescribed six essential practices (rituals) known as Ävashyaka to be performed daily of which Pratikramana is defined as the 4th Ävashyak. The book is dedicated to people around the world committed to compassionate living for their continued effort in promoting...
Posted: 31.08.2007
Paryushana 2007 activities & programmes
Posted: 28.08.2007
under the guidance of Sadhvi Nirvan Shree Programme from 9. - 16. September 2007
Posted: 20.08.2007
By Samani Akshay Pragya
Paryushan Parva is a spiritual festival, which revolves around Non-Violence. As Lord Ma­havir said ‘ life is dear to all ’, Non-Violence is the key princi­ple of Jainism. Lord Mahavir gave a new meaning to Non-­Violence - it not only m e a n s to not kill but also to not hurt any being by thinking, speech or deed. Paryushan Mahaparva, which is celebrated for eight days, sends the message of...
Posted: 19.08.2007
By Samani Param Pragya
Paryushan Parva is a spiritual-oriented festival not a material-oriented one. This festival consists of eight days. It is an opportunity to fulfilling oneself with higher spiritual feelings to create global peace and harmony. The very idea of this festival is that if in any part of our life we feel a lack of any quality this is the good time to re-cultivate that quality in our life. We can say this is the time...
Posted: 13.08.2007
Featuring: Daily Pravachan, Pratikraman, & simultaneous children’s Sessions in English. Paryushan: September 9th to 16th 7:30 to 9:30PM Samvatsri: September 16th: 6:30 to 9:30PM Daslakshan: September 17th to 25th 7:30 to 9:30PM

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