Jaipur Chaturmas News 2008-07-26 Morning Pravachan - Develop The Consciousness Towards Death

Published: 28.07.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012


Develop The Consciousness Towards Death

Jaipur, July 26, 2008

Between the death and birth, life exists. It is fact that as we birth, death process also started same moment. Our philosophical text says soul takes birth, and then died then again takes birth. This cycle continue till it attains the purest form by shedding all the karma particles. Man needs to analyse that the life tenure is limited and it can’t be extended nor can’t be preserved. Hence life should not be used in criminal activity, laziness and in destructive works. Life should be made worthful by developing the consciousness towards death along with awareness. Life is mortal; death can be our host at anytime. But despite of having its terror, we should continue the spiritual and religious practice. Death has never been a friend of anyone nor it is kind to anybody hence sluggishness is the curse for life. It is rightly said in canonicals that after a certain age, person should go for monkhood life so that he can have a win over death.

These thoughts were expressed by Yuvacharya Mahashraman while addressing the people in morning pravachan session.


Before this, renown singer of Mumbai Kumar Chatterjee presented “Logass” in his beautiful singing.

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