Restructured Brain For A Better Man

Posted: 05.02.2009
Updated on: 02.07.2015

Mahatma Gandhi presented the model of a better man. Maharshi Arvind too was dissatisfied with man as he is, and so conceived of a superman. In fact, there is a universal desire for development and novelty.

The Anuvrat Anushasta Acharya Tulsi has also come up with the concept of a new man. It is a fascinating idea.

The birth of the new man means structuring a new brain. Brain specialists posit three layers of the brain:The limbic system, reptilian and neocortex.Which of these three layers affects modern society?

Sometimes we are assailed by perplexing questions: Even though he is educated, why has this man accepted bribes?

Known to be very wise, why has this man committed suicide?

Even though prudent, why has this man indulged in bank dacoity?

The questions were answered in old times in a particular way. Using the language of the Karmavad, the Jain Acharyas gave the following answer: These things happen as a result of Moha Karma (the fourth deluding Karma out of eight Karmas at whose appearance a soul is subject to attachment, hatred, passion, sexual enjoyment and falsehood). Similarly, in the Geeta, when asked why man unwittingly falls a victim to sinful deeds, Lord Krishna replied, "All the criminal aberrations are the direct result of kama (desires/passion) and Krodh (anger)."
Today's scientist does not concern himself with moha, kaam and krodh.

He explains the phenomenon differently: Man practises injustice and oppression, transgresses and spreads terror, whenever he is under the influence of the reptilian layer. All crimes are committed when the reptilian brain is the dominant influence.

The brain sciences maintain that the above layer is a millions of years old, and came into being in the reptilian creatures. It persists to this day in the human brain. Modern scientists do not subscribe to the view that it is the Mullahs and Pandits who cause communal frenzy.

They are only instrumental in bringing it about. The real cause of the communal strife lies in the reptilian layer of the brain. Undoubtedly, religious leaders activate it and bring people under its dominating influence.

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