Samanijis’ Talk On ‘How To Instil Good Values In Children’

Posted: 27.11.2009
Updated on: 29.11.2012


On November 15, 2009, the occasion of the launch of the Jain course for children entitled ‘Arhat Touch’, Samani Prasanna Pragyaji and Samani Rohit Pragyaji were invited to Navnat centre by Shrimad Rajchandra organisation. Mumukshu Amit introduced Terapanth organisation, both Samanijis and Jain Vishva Bharati Centre. He also informed the people about activities run by Samanijis at JVB London.


At the humble request of Shrimad Rajchandra organization, Samani Prasanna Pragyaji launched the new course and spoke on ‘How to instil good Values’. In her speech, she appreciated the efforts done by Shrimad Rajchandra group, working under the spiritual guidance of Pujyashri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri for introducing a modern way to teach Jainism to the children. She inspired children to know about Jainism and also encouraged parents to send their children in Jain school and take the advantage of the newly developed course.


On behalf of Shrimad Rajchandra Organisation, Mayurbhai Mehta paid gratitude towards Samanijis for accepting the invitation and enlightening children as well as parents.

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