Saman Suttam

Posted: 19.12.2009
Updated on: 31.07.2012


Samaṇa Suttam, Samaṇ Suttaṁ, Samaṇa Suttaṁ, Samman Suttam Suttam is the religious text created in 1974 by a committee consisting of representatives of each of the major sects of Jainism to reconcile the teachings of the sects.

After a gap of about nearly two thousand years following composition of Tattvartha Sutra by Acharya Umasvati this was the first text to be recognized by all Jain sects.


On the eve of 25th Nirvana Centenary of Lord Mahavira whatever works have been contributed on national and international level Saman Suttam is definitely the cream of the whole. I regard it as the greatest achievement. The holy river of Lord Mahavira's teachings flows by its two banks namely Svetambara and Digambara; but, alas, it flows through two currents instead of one. In this modern age the unification of these two currents appeared an imminent possibility, but because of prejudices and tensions, prevalent from many centuries, relating to insignificant things, any hope of unity among those sects seemed a distant dream. Inspired of all that the way in which all the Jaina Acharyas, Monks, Nuns and Jain Scholars unanimously co-operated in compilation and editing of Saman Suttam is really a miracle. May the whole world become well acquainted with this religious text.

Acharya Sushil Muni


Jinendra Varni


Bhagwan Mahavir Memorial Samiti, New Delhi, India


Prof. Sagarmal Jain


Justice T.K. Tukol, Dr. K.K. Dixit


Second Edition, 1999

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Samaṇ Suttaṁ


Saman Suttam

Samaṇ Suttaṁ




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