22.08.2010 ►Samani Rohit Prajna And Samani Vikas Prajna In ►Jakarta

Published: 26.08.2010
Updated: 09.06.2015

The Jain community of Indonesia organized one month program of Samani Vikas Pragya ji and Samani Rohit Pragya ji, disciples of Acharyashree Mahashraman ji at different places to benefit people living there through spiritual discourses and practice of Preksha Meditation. Samanijis visited Jakarta city for eight days from 11 August to 18 August. During their stay they visited various houses and conducted workshops discussing different topics related to life, meditation, Jainism and spirituality. They have presented their views on How to handle anger, Time management, Economics of Peace and Non-violence, Art of Positive thinking etc. All sessions were attended by youths and adults with full interest and enthusiasm. In every-day’s afternoon sessions Samanijis discussed general topics with ladies and solved their queries. The participants paid their gratitude towards Acharyashree for sending Samanijis to Indonesia. They also paid thanks to Samanijis for sharing their knowledge of Jainism and Preksha Meditation.


8178206221 Jakarta audience

Samani Vikas Prajna

Samani Rohit Prajna

8178235404 Jarkarta program
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