Visit to India ►Dr. Nathan Katz, Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies, Florida International University

Published: 21.11.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015

Jain Education and Research Foundation

Visit to India of Dr. Nathan Katz, Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies, Florida International University, Miami, USA.

Jain Education and Research Foundation was established to foster the global values, ethics and philosophy of Jainism, within the United States of America, mainly through the education of the core principles of Jainism like Nonviolence (ahimsa), Multiplicity of views (anekantvad) and Limited possession and consumption (aparigraha) at the academic level. Under the spiritual guidance of Late Acharya Mahapragya and through the efforts of Samani Charitra Prajna and Dr. Dipak Jain (renowned educationist and management expert) the foundation started imparting courses on Jain principles at the Florida International University in 2006. A historic milestone was attained by the foundation when it endowed a perpetual professorship at the Florida International University and installed Dr. Nathan Katz as the Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain studies in 2010. This was the first ever endowed professorship on Jain studies anywhere outside of India. This is unique, first ever initiative in western world by the Jain community and will hopefully pave the way for many more to come in near future.

To further the cause of Jain studies and bring awareness, the foundation is sponsoring a trip to India for Dr. Nathan Katz from Nov 21st till Dec 3rd, 2010 during which Prof Katz will hold discussions and participate in seminars with leading Jain religious and academic figures We deeply appreciate your support in making this a memorable and pleasant trip for Dr. Katz, so that he can speak about his experience to the students and peers back in US in the most positive way.

Important aspects of this trip:

  1. Trip itinerary
  2. Main goals Dr. Katz aims to accomplish during the trip
  3. Key contacts in India and US for the trip

1. Visit and Program of Prof. Katz during India Trip

Nathan  Katz

Departure from Miami to India on 21st of November 2010 at 4.05pm
Arrival from Delhi to Miami on 3rd of December 2010 at 12.05pm



Delhi Visit (November 22nd - 25th)

Coordinator: Mr. R. P. Jain


  • Arrival and Welcome ceremony at Delhi Airport at 9.45pm

  • Nov. 24th - Meeting with Dr. Karan Singh, the Director of ICCR

  • Nov. 25th - Seminar on "Exploring New Possibilities of Jainological Studies" at Vidya Bharati School, Suryanagar, Delhi and Meeting with Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar at 10am to 12.30pm. The coordinator of the seminar is Dr. Kusum-Dhanpat Lunia.

  • Nov. 25th - Meeting with ISJS scholars at 3 to 4.30pm (Dr. Shugan Chand Jain: Contact No. 9818139000, email: svana[at]

  • Meeting with Dr. Balaji Ganorkar, the Director of BLII, at 7 to 8pm at Shervani Sunder Nagar Hotel)

  • Nov. 26th - early in the morning departure for Ladnun by car at 9am


Ladnun Visit (November 27th - 29th)

Coordinator: Prof. B.R. Dugar


  • Nov. 27-29 - National seminar on "Non-possessive Consciousness and Business Ethics".

  • Open session with the delegates of the seminar.

  • Meeting with the JVBU Professors and other members.

  • Visit to JVB campus and library including manuscript exhibition.

  • Nov. 29th - afternoon departure for Dungergadh by car at 2pm


Dungergadh Visit (November 29th) [ Sri Dungargarh ]

Coordinator: Prof. Ashok Bapna


  • Nov. 29th - Meeting with HH Acharya Mahashraman ji at 4pm

  • Nov.29th - Round-table Conference on "Relative Economics" at 7.30pm by Prof. Ashok Bapna

  • Nov. 30th - morning departure for Delhi by car at 8am and from Delhi to Indore by flight at 6.30pm

Indore Visit (1st of December)

Coordinator: Prof. Anupam Jain


30-11-10, Tuesday

30-11-10, Tuesday

08:00 PM

Arrival at D.A. Airport th. Jetlite flight no. 7141 and welcome by social leaders of Jain Community.

Night stay

Hotel Sayaji, Sch. No. 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore


01-12-10, Wednesday

08:45 AM

Start to Kundakunda Gyanpitha (KKJ), Indore. Distance- 6 KM, Driving time- 15 min.

09:00 AM

Arrival at KKJ, welcome by Directors and other office bearers of KKJ, visit to library.

09:15 AM

Break fast with delegates of National Symposium.

09:30 AM

Inaugural session of National Symposium on Jainology at KKJ. Central Theme- Relevance of Jainism to Humanity. Chair person: Prof. P.K. Mishra- Vice-Chancellor, Devi Ahilya Univ., Indore
Main Speaker- Prof. Nathan Katz (20 min)

11:00 AM

Inauguration of Manuscript Exhibition at KKJ.

11:15 AM

Start of the Manuscript conservation work.

11:30 AM

Technical session. Guest lectures of three senior professors.

12:30 PM

Lunch and Rest at KKJ.

01:45 PM

Start to Holkar Autonomous Science College, Indore. (Distance- 4 KM, Driving Time- 10 min)

02:00 PM

Welcome at Holkar Autonomous Science College and delivering a lecture on 'Religion & Science' (15-20 min)
[College is going to start a certification course on Religion and Science from July 2011]

02:45 PM

Tea at college campus

03:00 PM

Start to KKJ

03:15 PM

Open session on Agenda provided by Prof. Katz. Chair person- Dr. N.P. Jain, former Ambassador of India in vari­ous countries & U.N.O. Around 40 professors/ scholars will at­tend it.

05:00 PM

High Tea

05:30 PM

Start to hotel and rest.

06:30 PM

Start to airport

07:00 PM

Valedictory and reporting at Airport.

08:30 PM

Flight for Delhi by Jetlite Airline.

Delhi Visit (December 1st - 2nd)

Coordinator: Mr. R. P. Jain


  • Dec. 1st - Arrival at Delhi Airport

  • Dec. 2nd - Lectures at Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamiya Miliya University, Delhi

  • Dec. 2nd night/3rd early morning departure from Delhi to Miami at 12.55a


2. Main goals Dr. Katz aims to accomplish during the trip

In the Words of Prof. Nathan Katz

During the meetings with the Jain scholars and religious leaders, I would be especially interested in learning:

  1. How they envision Jain Studies in a western university, especially a state-supported university. I will describe our context to them and try to understand how Jain Studies could be taught in a manner that is authentic to the tradition, and at the same time is relevant to contemporary issues.

  2. I would like to initiate discussions about institutional linkages among universities in North America and universities in India. Once our Center is fully funded, FIU would be in a position to coordinate multilateral linkages.

  3. I would like to discuss opportunities for our students to learn about Jainism in India, and how study programs and tours could be accredited through FIU. This would, of course, require FIU oversight of curricula, done in collaboration and consultation with our International Advisory Board.

  4. Another topic to discuss would be how we may help to train faculty and students from universities in India. Specifically, what does the contemporary academic study of religions have to offer Jain-related institutions in India. What sort of M.A. program would be of interest to our Indian colleagues?

  5. FIU is contemplating an online Undergraduate Certificate Program in Jain Studies. This would entail developing six online courses that would be open to students globally and culminating in awarding the Certificate. Which six courses would be most appropriate? How do they perceive the interest among Indian students in earning this credential? 6. If there is interest in the wide range of academic and professional programs offered by FIU, then we could start a conversation about funding Indian students to study with us. Thank you for conveying my questions and issues to my colleagues in India. With every good wish, Nathan Katz Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies and Professor of Religious Studies

  6. If there is interest in the wide range of academic and professional programs offered by FIU, then we could start a conversation about funding Indian students to study with us.

Thank you for conveying my questions and issues to my colleagues in India.

With every good wish,
Nathan Katz
Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies and Professor of Religious Studies


3. Address and Contact of the Local Coordinators in India

Mr. R.P. Jain
Director, Motilal Banarasidas Publication Delhi.
Email: mlbd[at]
Mobile: +919811210999

Prof. Dr. B.R. Dugar
Head, Department of Non-violence and Peace
Jain Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun
Rajasthan, India.
Email: dugarbr[at]
Mobile: 09414429225

Prof. Ashok Bapna
Director, International Centre for Economics of Non-violence & Sustainability (ICENS),
Member, State Planning Board, Rajasthan & Director, IILM Academy of Higher Learning Jaipur
Email: ashokbapna[at]
Mobile: 093145-09414

Dr. Anupam Jain
Professor of Mathematics
Executive Director & Secretary
Kundakunda Jnananpitha,
584, M.G.Road, Tukogunj,
Indore 452001 (M.P.)
Email: anupamjain3[at]
Mobile: 094250 53822

Seminar Co-ordinators:

Dr. Kusum Lunia, Delhi
Email: kdlunia[at]
Mobile: 9891239000

Dr. Samani Riju Pragya
Head, Dept. of Jainology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy JVBU, Ladnun -341306
Email: rprajna[at]


US Contacts:



Samani Chaitanya Pragya









Mr. Sapan Bafna

Dr. Neptune Srimal


Vice President

Jain Education and Research Foundation

Jain Education and Research Foundation

Email: sapan.bafna[at]

Email: srimal[at]

Mobile: +18178077665

Mobile: +13052821456



Dr, Katz Broschure

FIU Flyer


Samani Chaitanya Pragya
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