Posted: 17.10.2014
By Dr. Atul Keshavji Shah
posted in 2007 Introduction One of the oldest living religions in the world, Jainism, also boasts one of the most successful and enduring business communities today. This paper analyses the values of the Jains and how they have contributed to economic success. It demonstrates the critical importance of culture and community to lasting business success, and shows how modern-day studies of social responsibility...
Posted: 18.10.2011
By Dr. Nirmal Baid
◄ Aparigraha: A conversation on non-possessiveness, Dr. Nirmal Baid, October 16, 2011 ◄ Facts: We are running after the "More" - We do not know how much is "Enough". We already have "A Lot". As Jains, one of the precepts we are supposed to follow is - "Aparigrah" Lets set the stage of reality... When we hear about Aparigraha the first thought is that we will be giving up - something good? Take a walk down...
Posted: 13.02.2011
By Jinendra Varni
11. Aparigraha Sutra PRECEPTS ON NON-POSSESSIVENESS Samganimittam marai, bhanai aliam karei corikkam. Sevai mehuna muccham, apparimanam kunai jivo. (140) Owing to attachment, a person commits violence, tells lies, commits theft, indulges in sex and develops a with for unlimited hoarding. (140) Cittamantamacittam va, parigijjha kisamavi. Annam va anujanai, evam dukkha na muccai. (141) A person who hoards even...
Posted: 08.10.2010
By Dr. Utpala Mody
International Conference on Jainism Through the Ages A Historical Perspective 8th, 9th & 10th October 2010 Mysore, India Conference Paper Ahimsa, Anekantavada and Aparigraha - Panacea for the Ills of the Present Day World Modern times is an era of crisis in the realm of human civilization. The reason is that we give so much attention to short range and local problems that long range and global problems...
Posted: 17.04.2009
By Prof. Dr. Kalpana Jain
Like the doctrines of non-violence ( Ahińsā ), Multiplicity of viewpoints ( Anekāntavāda ); doctrine of non-possession is another significant and well doctrine of Jain philosophy. Doctrine of Non-possession is such by practicing it, one is said to be practicing the entire code Jain ethics and vows. Doctrine of Non-possession or aparigraha includes: Considering all desires or expectations, be they internal...
Posted: 02.01.2009
By Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
Once, when Ācārya Tulsī visited Jodhpur, he was asked as to when the Jain tenets were so excellent, why the number of Jain followers was so small? Ācārya Tulsī said "I don't believe that, the number of Jains is so small as you believe." The reply was quite surprising Ācārya Tulsi clarified it thus: "Lord Mahāvīra's religion does not give importance to taking birth in Jain family, but to the faith and...
Posted: 30.10.2008
By Dr. Satyanarain Bhardwaj
JAIN VISHVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY Introduction A farsighted view presents a bleak future with no easy solution. Perhaps, there is no solution in the context of what is euphemistically called 'development,' 'progress' and 'material advancement.' This path and the speed of man's journey on it are unable to give him peace and happiness. On the other hand, journeying inward, at a controlled pace, with self-discipline...
Posted: 05.05.2008
By Prof. Dr. Robert J. Zydenbos
Issue 18 Understanding Aparigraha Robert Zydenbos Examines The Meaning Behind Non-Possession From earliest times, Jainism has been characterised as a way of life in which wafers or 'vows' play a very prominent role. One characteristic of a vrata is that it is an individual matter. Certainly the vows have a very strong social relevance, but it is up to the individual to decide which vows he or she wishes to...
Posted: 28.01.2007
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Not to have attachment in the mind is aparigraha. Not to accumulate things is aparigraha. Mahavir did not divide and distinguish between ahimsa and aparigraha. Violent thoughts (of arrogance or attachment) promote the tendency to accumulate and when man accumulates, his violent tendencies begin to manifest. In this manner the vicious cycle of accumulation for violence and violence for accumulation keeps...
Posted: 22.04.2006
By Editor Aparigraha Jain
Aparigraha is great name. Can you please express your opinion about "aparigraha" jain code of conduct & need vs greed related to (1) house holder like you & me (2) sadhu & sadhavi; in brief about 25 lines. Thank you very much. Jyotindra N Doshi (Your jain faith friend) Trustee, Interfaith Chair (Jain Society-Chicago)

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