Posted: 08.12.2017
We are proud to present our first book, which we publish as POD (Print On Demand) via Amazon: Acharya Tulsi - A Peacemaker Par Excellence by Yuvacharya Mahapragya The book can be ordered worldwide via the following links: (USA / worldwide) (Great Britain) (Germany) (Spain) (France) (Italy)
Posted: 18.10.2017
We replaced the sliders on the menu pages, online books and within the articles due to technical reasons. You will now have the following pagination modes: Menus Use arrows to access last, previous, next and first page. Use dropdown to direct access a page. Articles Use arrows to access last, previous, next and first page. In case you need to access a page in the middle of the selection, use the menu page and...
Posted: 15.03.2016
We added a HTML5 audio player for modern browsers. Audios will be played without using Flash, which is an increase of security and they can be played on mobile devices from now on. For older browsers the old player is still available. HereNow4U team
Posted: 08.02.2016
We added new share buttons in order to replace the common like buttons. In this way the social networks are less informed about your surfing behaviours. Only when you decide to click, they got the information on what page you are. You'll find them in the top of the right column. It may take some time until the old like buttons are replaced entirely. HereNow4U team
Posted: 16.11.2014
15.11.2014 This morning errors occured in the "News" sector. All content entered the headline and caused little chaos and confusion. We are working on the problem and will get it fixed in short time - we hope. HereNow4U team 16.11.2014 Last format errors were fixed.
Posted: 24.07.2013
25.07.2013 Flickr announced: Heads up! Flickr will be down for planned maintenance this Thursday from 4 PM PDT to 10 PM PDT and won't be available during that time. [UTC - 7 hours] 20.561 photos in this magazine will not be available during this period.
Posted: 21.02.2013
After the disaster with the webshots image provider we reviewed our external media (videos & photos) situation. Today we started with a new external media page, where you can see all our external sources. For today we just show the stats for the top 10 of each source, but in the next days we will improve this page.
Posted: 20.02.2013
In order to increase the speed of the web page previews of pictures in the teaser, the RSS feeds and the Newsletter will now be scaled down effectively (rendered). Previously they were only scaled down visually.
Posted: 31.01.2013
Main menues reorganized: Veg*ism contains now both: Veganism Vegetarianism Temples previous inside Jaina Culture will be consolidated for better overview. New main menue: News HereNow4U External Publications Jainology Jaina Sanghas Jaina Culture Temples Locations Veg*ism Audios
Posted: 31.12.2012
Jaina Miniature Paintings from Western India Posted: 25.08.2004 Updated on: 31.12.2012 Original large sized pictures embedded. Original footnotes restored.
Posted: 07.12.2012
01.12.2012 Please find all our webshots photos moved to Flickr (Sets): 30.11.2012 Nearly 24 hours after the start of the replacement all photo links are now (hopefully) redirected from webshots to flickr. We tried to use this opportunity to clean up some older articles and adapt them to current design. If somebody encounters an erroneous article, please copy and...
Posted: 29.11.2012
Today, at 12:30 local Berlin time we startet the replacement of the webshots photos... We will report to you as soon as the replacement is completely done.
Posted: 23.11.2012
We have replaced all Slideshows and redirected all Album Links from Webshots to flickr. A good example for the new look and feel is this the page ' HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 02.15 Kolkata - Thank You And Good Bye! ' In the coming week all Webshots photos will become replaced by Flickr versions.
Posted: 17.11.2012
National Symposium on Jain Philosophy, Science And Scriptures Please find papers of this conference under: 2012 ►National Symposium on Jain Philosophy, Science And Scriptures Location: Magazine ► Jainology ► Conferences & Events ► 2012 ►National Symposium on Jain Philosophy,[...]
Posted: 15.11.2012
Ref: Ref: 19.10.2012 ►Webshots is changing ►Movement and Restructuring of Over 18.000 Photos & 94 Videos In the following articles Webshots videos are now replaced by videos from our YouTube channel: 2005 Paryushan & Samvatsari Mahaparva Celebrations in New Delhi - Dhyan Diwas [07.11.2012] 2006 HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 01.1 New Delhi - Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra [07.11.2012] HereNow4U -...
Posted: 31.10.2012
Enjoy a better quality: Ref: 19.10.2012 ►Webshots is changing ►Movement and Restructuring of Over 18.000 Photos & 94 Videos In the following articles Webshots videos are now replaced by HD videos from our YouTube channel: SOAS - 10th Jaina Studies Workshop [01] Letter From The Chair SOAS - 10th Jaina Studies Workshop [02] Welcome Adresses & Awards SOAS - 10th Jaina Studies Workshop [03] The Annual...
Posted: 19.10.2012
Webshots - our former photohoster - is changing his service in such a heavy way, that it is not possible for us to use it any more. Thus we'll switch to another photohoster until 1st of December 2012. We ask for your understanding during this period, in case there are some imaging issues. As a first step, we move our few videos from Webshots to Vimeo or YouTube in the next days.
Posted: 02.05.2012
The Index item 'All' is added to the Glossary-Main-Index. You are now able, to see all available items without switching through the index items. But please mind the increasing number of items (longer loading times). There was a bug in the reference lists while switching between the index and timeline mode: The slider was not in place sometimes.
Posted: 25.04.2012
The menu Preksha Meditation has moved to: Magazine ► Jaina Sanghas ► Shvetambar Terapanth ► Preksha Meditation including: Subcategories PM.Articles PM.Books Online PM.Magazine PM.Videos
Posted: 13.04.2012
We started to republish our audio files of the past years. New songs are in the pipeline to follow. See: Audios [reorganized]
Posted: 01.03.2012
We did some small improvements on our backend system. So we hope pages are rendered faster.
Posted: 17.02.2012
The bookshop is now also adapted to the new design. We invite you to browse through our range of outstanding and rare books. Perhaps you will find something suitable for you.
Posted: 16.02.2012
When you got footnotes within the text of an article, you are now able to view the explanation by moving the mouse over the footnote link. You are still able to click on the link as usual, but if you just want to read the footnote, without jumping to the end of the text, you can do so.
Posted: 16.02.2012
We changed the apperance of the book headings. In teasers and on the page itself we show the complete path of the book chapter as page title. Should give a lot more clearness and overview for our readers.
Posted: 09.02.2012
Some listings in the rigth column were adapted to the new design: Most Popular Articles Most Popular Chapters (Books) Most Popular Glossary Terms Latest Glossary Items
Posted: 03.02.2012
On pages with a timeline slider There was a problem on pages with a timeline slider: when a user resized the browser window, the silder moved out of position. This is fixed by now.
Posted: 01.02.2012
In Glossary Both lists got better navigation tools when lists are too large: For alphabetical order there is now an A-Z index. For chronological order there is now a timeline slider.
Posted: 27.01.2012
In Glossary References now contains no longer content which is already listed under: Publications An effectiv filter is built in.
Posted: 24.01.2012
1. Improved Timeline Slider: small changes in design buttons turn orange now when mouse is going to click for next/previous or first/last article. 2. Glossary Bugfix One type of pictures was not displayed. Now all are back. 3. Article Glossary redesigned symbol: click on symbol to jump to term inside the text. now additionally showing typ of glossary term.
Posted: 20.01.2012
Now on facebook: Center-for-Jaina-Studies-Berlin Please visit and get connected
Posted: 19.01.2012
Version 3.5 shows permanently: Latest Glossary Items in right column of magazine page The old menu " Glossary News " got deactivated/disappeared.
Posted: 18.01.2012
The new Version is online. All Pages have to be newly generated, when entered the first time. Please refresh your browser to support this, if necessary. Thank you. Overview please read: HereNow4U ►Version 3.5 ►On The Way to Version 4
Posted: 14.01.2012
When What Remarks 14.01.2012 14:00 CfJS.FU.Berlin The new location for the Center for Jaina Studies , Freie Universität, Berlin, will be as follows: News HereNow4U CfJS.FU.Berlin External Media Jainology Jaina Sanghas Jain Culture Locations Vegetarianism Veganism Reorganisation for the upcoming Version 3.5 Content might be temporarily unavailable today. CfJS.FU.Berlin will be reorganised & expanded in the next...
Posted: 14.01.2012
When What Remarks 14.01.2012 10:00 Menue Jainism Will disappear. Today it's content will be distributed into the already created menues: Jaina Sanghas Jain Cultur Reorganisation for the upcoming Version 3.5 Content might be temporarily unavailable today.
Posted: 13.01.2012
When What Remarks 13.01.2012 CALENDAR in top menue has been closed down. Will be reopened in Version 4.0
Posted: 07.01.2012
When What Feature 06.01.2012 Glossary Terms Eastern Terms Western Terms Eastern & Western Terms are now subcategories under Terms . According to the upcoming Version 3.5 to be released soon. Eastern Terms = used in Jainism. Western Terms = English expressions.
Posted: 04.01.2012
When What Feature 04.01.2012 New in Top Menues Magazine | Center for Jaina Studies | Books Online | Article Archive|... Direct access (shortcut)
Posted: 11.12.2011
When Where What Look 11.12.2011 Glossary: Locations New Submenues: now sorted and access filter by country. Belgium Canada France Germany India - Places India - States and Territories Indonesia Japan Kenya Japan Mexico Nepal Pakistan Poland Russia Singapore South Korea Sweden Thailand UK United Arab Emirates USA Note: Locations in magazine: Shvetambar Terapanth / Locations General (other) Locations (under...
Posted: 13.10.2011
When Where What Look 13.10.2011 Glossary Locations New Filter/Menus: States added. Places Indian States and Territories
Posted: 14.08.2011
When Where What Look 14.08.2011 Jain Culture Ethics new menue: Aparigraha [Non-Attachment] You'll find some basic articles inside. Ethics Fundamentals of Jaina Ethics Ahimsa [Nonviolence] Aparigraha [Non-Attachment] Anekantvada [Non-Absolutism]
Posted: 12.08.2011
When Where What Look 12.08.2011 main menues new: " External Media " External Media Photos & Videos Press Review Reissued Rarities 12.08.2011 main menues new: " Jain Culture " Jain Culture Arts Ecology Economics Ethics History Literature Meditation Organisations Science & Spirituality Songs Temple 12.08.2011 main menues New menue " Jaina Sanghas " will contain the different sects. See: Structure of Jainism Jaina...
Posted: 11.08.2011
When Where What Look 11.08.2011 main menues We will reduce the number of main menues down to about 10. News Short News Glossary News Readers' Voice HereNow4U Editors HN4U Change Logs Websites 4U
Posted: 29.07.2011
When Where What Look 29.07.2011 Daily Short News Our news line can be feeded now directly from India. Overall Reorganising and updating content in the background to fit the new database structure.
Posted: 30.06.2011
When Where What Look 30.06.2011 Overall Magazine: Link Colour changed from PINK to BLUE. Inside Text: Glossary Links are underlined by dots in pink. 29.06.2011 Overall Articles from years 2004-2005 were technically updated.
Posted: 24.06.2011
When Where What Look 24.06.2011 Jain Shwetambar Terapanth Content moved inside these menus: Anuvrat Jeevan Vigyan Maryada Mohotsav
Posted: 15.06.2011
When Where What Look 18.06.2011 Magazine Navigation (left side): 1st phase: New Top Categories. All content referring to Terapanth Sangh will move step by step into it's new location: Jain Shwetambar Terapanth New order of menues: Jain Digambar Jain Shwetambar Jain Shwetambar Sthanakvasi Jain Shwetambar Terapanth Update will run tonight. Tomorrow morning: finished. 17.06.2011 Magazine Navigation (left side):...
Posted: 10.06.2011
When Where What Look 10.06.2011 Bottom of pages: Go To: Top of page 10.06.2011 Bottom of article pages: Additional Go To: Previous/Next article HereNow4U Log
Posted: 09.06.2011
When Where What Look 09.06.2011 Top of all pages: Navigation : "You are here": Magazine ► HereNow4U ► HN4U Change Logs 09.06.2011 Top of menu page inside: Info line: Want to see complete content? Use left main menu. Here are only the last 30 entries displayed . Left Navigation: All entries. Teasers below: 30 entries per page. 09.06.2011 Top of Article: Go to: Previous/Next article (inside this menu) Another...
Posted: 08.06.2011
Dear Reader We excuse for any inconvenience caused by redesign & reorganisation work in progress. HN4U [Raoul Hübner & his team] is developing a new databased publishingsoftware to make an important step forward to a new version (V.4) of this magazine. This new platform will provide us with features to make HN4U an expert information system on Jainism and much more. For a soft transition the current...

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