Samani Kusum Pragya's Visit At Singapore

Posted: 17.09.2011

With the blessings of Acharya Shree Mahashraman, and at the request of Mr. Praveen Kumar Jain, the Jains in Singapore welcomed Samani Kusum Pragya Ji and Samani Chaitya Pragya ji during our auspicious festival of Samvatsari this year. They were warmly received throughout their 15-day trip from 21st August to 4th September 2011 and their pravachans were a source of inspiration for sayyam to all.

One of the most interesting experiences was the recitals of the Jain Canons, it aroused much curiosity in the younger ones and was a instilled a stronger sense of the right attitudes in life for all. There were other pravachan sessions where people from all walks of life and from different faiths were welcome to hear more about basic life disciplines on anger management, time management, building up your positivity, patience and understanding ourselves better.  There was an added excitement to this year's lectures as the Samanijis involved the younger ones in a presentation for all. The young ones who were presenting developed better understanding of some of the basic concepts of Jain Metaphysics and the older ones received that knowledge in the simplest manner. This encouraged everyone to bring their kids to future Jain karyakrams so as to instill the same moral values in their children through the guidance of the Samanijis. There were Preksha meditation sessions every morning and were attended with great zeal.

All felt the presence of the Samanijis during Paryushan, as the festival held more meaning with their arrival, and the Jains took part in it with much more enthusiasm than before. It gave good reasons for all the Terapanths and other Jains alike to come together and discuss Jain ideas, fundamentals and there was a lot of spirituality and positivity.  As the participation, interest and passion of the Jains in Singapore grows every year, we hope with the blessings of Acharya Shree, we will continue to receive deep knowledge of our values, faith and science.


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