SRD Paryushan Ahimsa Walk

Posted: 19.09.2012
Updated on: 04.07.2015

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur Manchester

Name of Event:

Paryushan Ahimsa Walk

Date of Event:

09 Sept 2012

Venue of Event:

Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester

Event organised by:

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur Manchester

No. of people who attended the event:

Approx 100

No. of children who attended the event:


Details of Performance:

Walk organised to create awareness of Jainism, Paryushan and Ahimsa in the local community.

Testimonials of Dignitaries:

Piyush Mehta (Secretary)
It was good, raised  awareness in our own community about Jaisism but not beyond.
Naresh Shah (Ex- President)
Good effort. Very interesting, everyone was together and cheerful. It had a good vibe.
Piyush Mehta (President)
Was not there so cannot comment, but it looked like fun. It was inspirational. 
Mukesh Mehta (Executive member)
It was wonderful, we succeeded in the mission. But next time bigger banner and they should be 2 sided.

Testimonials of Parents:

Interview with JSM Members  
Hardik Bhansali
It was nice idea. But next time, we should hand out leaflets with more information so that awareness is spread, such that more people are curious. Also, when the slogans were being recited, they should have been in English, so that passers b understand what we were saying. However, it was good and everyone did well.
Another thing, the locality is full of people following Islam and hence not much impact was made.  
 Jasmina Patel
Everybody had a good time. It’s nice to let other people know about Jainism. Kids were great. Good walk.  
Bina Gadani
It was good effort to raise awareness, it was a purposeful walk. Plus everyone walked a lot.
Sapana Bhansali
Very good, well organised and planned event.. Could have done more to promote but adv in newspaper so more people involved.
Falguni Shah
This was very inspirational because the children enjoyed it and they also learned ahimsa (non-violence).'

A Short report:

The sun shone on Manchester on Sunday, 09 September 2012, when all the children of SRD Arhat Touch (BASIC, LEVEL 1 and Level 3) took to conduct a peace walk through Levenshulme, near the Jain Community Centre.
40+ children, their parents, the Manchester Satsang group and other ardent Jain supporters congregated near the Longsight library. The children were all dressed in their T-shirts and adults in White and Red. Carrying Jain flags, banners promoting Jainism, Ahimsa, promoting the 3 tenets of Jainism, the children distributed bookmarks and recited Jain slogans.
The walk passed peacefully and uneventfully. All children and adults enjoyed the experience and many intrigued passers by were given the opportunity to learn about Jainism.








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