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Published: 16.01.2013

FIU Miami

YJA live video web-caste Jain of America hosted 2nd Video conferencing lecture of Samani Chaitanya Pragyaji on Karma Theory. The presentation and lucid ex-planation enriched the more than 50 young Jains around USA. Young Jain expressed the content to be easy, informative, connected to life and looking forward for more. The presence of knowledgeable spiritual leaders will render more opportunities for Jains.

AAR and Danam Conference Unnata Pragya, presented on “Fasting, a Double Edged Sword: Spiritual Fasting and Coercive Fasting” and Shivani Bothara presented on Anuvrat Movement at the 10th Dharma Academy of North America. The conference attended by many Jain Schol-ars was an opportunity to open more doors of scholarly interaction.

Steven Vose joining as an Assistant Professor Bhagwan Mahavir Profes-sorship of Jain Studies at FIU from Spring 2013. Dr. Vose, one of the brightest among the young Jain scholars in the western world, has a master’s degree from Harvard and PhD at the University of Pennsylvania on “Jain Monks as Political Leaders in Sultanate-era Gujarat”. Vose a versatile linguist, fluent in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Gujrati and old Gujara-ti and conversant in Hindi, and Nepali.

Lecture on Jain Meditation organized by the Center of Spirituality Program at FIU

On Nov 6, 2012, Samani Unnata Pragya elucidated “Jain Meditation”; its traditional and esoteric practices. The audience was eager to know about the ancient practice and also as to how did it survive from the ancient India to the modern times. Samaniji presented the relevance of the ancient in the modern times. The guided meditation session was an awe for the students.

LA pathshala Camp on Yucaipa Mountain Dec 19th to 22nd camp was guided by Samani Chaitanya Pragya and Samani Unnata Pragyaji on the concept of wellbeing and Jainism. Samaniji presented the concept of Social, mental, and spiritual wellbeing tied up with Jain practice. It geared to nurturing the kids.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship from Knowledge to wisdom

In the entrepreneurship lecture series Dr. Deepak Jain explained three dimensions: emotional, intellectual and moral; factors that can be incorporated within entrepreneurship. Moving beyond conventional boundaries of thinking Mr. Jain brought to light the fact that we need to move beyond business, success and further “us” to reach humanity. The event attended by Dean Furton, Chair Prof. Larson, Dr. Katz other dignitaries and students


JVB International Reflections 2012.09-12
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