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Posted: 13.07.2013
Updated on: 31.08.2013


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Episode 143:

This Saturday April 20th we are broadcasting the very first introductory documentary on life of Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi on “Mangalam Jain TV Show” by Jaina. Our special thanks to Mr. Pankaz Chandmal Hingarh from Mumbai for the film.  It was September 11, 1893. The opening day of the first ever Parliament of World Religions Conference, the first such conference ever organized in the history of mankind. Over the 3,000 delegates of different religions and nations had congregated for this landmark event. Among them was Shri Virchand R. Gandhi. A young man of twenty-nine left a lasting impression on those present by this eloquence, brevity, and impartiality of outlook.

We also present a skit on Anekantvad, beautifully performed by our young Jains from Jain Center of America.

Mangalam Show Ep 143:

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