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Published: 07.02.2014

   Samani Bhavit Pragya

Samani Sangh Pragya

Dear Friends,

Florida International University (FIU), Jain Education and Research Foundation (JERF) and JAINA have teamed up to bring together Youth Jain Leaders in a two day conference in Miami.  Not only these leaders will have an important role to play in the future of Jainism in North America but Jainism will also play an important role in shaping up their lives! This two day conference at the FIU in Miami will be held on the weekend of Feb 21-23, 2014. This event will allow one to one interaction with many spiritual, academic and thought leaders like Samani Shukla Pragya and Samani Unnata  Pragya,  Dr Dipak Jain (ex-Dean of Kellogg and INSEAD), Prof Nathan Katz, Dr Steven Vose  (Bhagwan Mahavir Professors of Jain Studies at FIU)and business leaders like Mr Bharat Desai (founder and chairman of Syntel).

The conference is limited to a small number of participants in order maintain it’s interactive character. Since the seats are filling up fast, we urge you to register ASAP. We are particularly interested in Jain youth from a rural or small town locations who live at some distance from any Jain center.

A limited number of need-based scholarships are available to help defray the cost of travel and hotel. We encourage you to apply for the scholarship.

Why this conference?

  1. Will allow interacting and connecting with
    •  Spritual Leaders 
    •  Academic leaders 
    •  Business leaders 
    •  Thought leaders 
    •  Youth leaders 
  2. The conference proceedings will be led by the youth and will focus on youthconcerns.
  3. The conference intends to establish a strong network of Jain youth leaders across the country, who, in future, will collaborate and participate in united action on matters of concern to the community. We invite you to be a part of this network.

Where to register?


For any further questions, please email or call any of the following:

Chintan shah: shah.chintan.k[at]gmail.com or 608-217-4807
Dr Neptune Srimal: srimal[at]fiu.edu 305-282-1456
Sapan Bafna: sapan.bafna[at]gmail.com 786-546-2637
Dr Kirti Jain: kirtikjain[at]hotmail.com  606-615-1617
Bindesh Shah: bindesh_shah[at]hotmail.com 954-655-6986

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