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Published: 30.04.2014

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National Institute of Prakrit Studies and Research


Bahubali Prakrit Vidyapeeth (R.) NIPSAR

The divine preaching of Bhagawan Mahaveera preserved in Prakrit, which was the language of the people and state language too of kings Ashoka and Kharabela and others in ancient time. Religious literature that deals with subjects like Ahimsa, Aparigraha and Anekantavada and works on epics, narratives, sculpture, vastu, ayurveda, astronomy, mathematics, geography and so on abound in Prakrit language. So it was decided by Pujya Swamiji to establish a national level institute for promotion of Prakrit in the ancient seat of Prakrit in this town Shravanabelagola. A National Institute of Prakrit Studies and Research was established in the year 1991. This Prakrit Institution is being run by the Bahubali Prakrit Vidyapeeth (R) with the financial support from the Government of Karnataka.

The Prakrit Bhavan, Dhavala Teertham, has a well-equipped library containing over twenty five thousand books and research journals, covering the fields of in indological studies, religion, philosophy, language, literature etc., thousands of palm-leaf and paper manuscripts are preserved here.

The research work carried out at this institute focuses on oriental learning particularly in Prakrit, Apabhramsa, Kannada, Hindi and various aspects of Jainology under the able guidance of Pujya Swamiji, the Chairman of the Institute. The critical editions of all the Shauraseni Siddhanta Prakrit Texts are being prepared and some of them have been published under the editorship of eminent scholars.

Thousands of texts relating to Indian religion, philosophy, grammar, poetry, drama, narratives, metrics, sculpture, vastu, astrology, mathematics, medicine, science etc., and many skills of life are available in Prakrit and Apabhramsa language. The critical editions of such Prakrit-Apabhramsa texts with their translation will be brought out from the institution.

Kannada Translation of Dhavala Trilogy:

The Satkhandagama, Kashayapahuda etc. are monumental ancient works of Prakrit literature. Dhavala, Jaya Dhavala and Maha Dhavala are the three important commentary works in Prakrit. These contain various subjects of Indian heritage and vision of life. These works have been translated into Hindi and published in 39 volumes. Swasthishri Charukeerthy Bhattaraka Mahaswamiji has taken up the mega project of translating these Prakrit volumes in to Kannada under his able guidance.

Kannada Translation of Dhavaletara Prakrit Texts:

In the 2nd phase of Kannada translation project a few Kannada scholars are engaged in translating the other Dhavaletara Prakrit texts in to kannada under the editorship and convenership of Dr. M.A. Jayachandra. The Maranakandika text has been published with Kannada translation by the institute. The other texts are getting ready. Scholars stet Karnataka engaged in comparative studies will be immensely benefited by these publications.

Extension and Teaching and Research Programme:

There is an examination Department in the NIPSAR. This department is running Diploma and Certificate, Madyama, Prakrit Ratna correspondence courses in Prakrit literature through Kannada and Hindi medium to the students of all over India. There are more than 1000 students persuing these courses. The qualified staff of the Institute have prepared the lessons according to the syllabus and teaches to the students in contact classes.

The academic staff of the Institute are engaged in teaching/editing texts and research work also. Our research scholars - Dr. Siddharth, Dr. Dinesh, Dr. Swayamprabha P. Patil and Dr. Veena Patil of the Institute have been awarded Ph.D. degree in Jainology and Prakrit by the University of Mysore. Seven Research Scholars are working for Ph.D. Degree

Publications of NIPSAR:

Shrutakevali Education Trust (R), Bahubali Prakrit Vidyapeeth (R.) and National Institute of Prakrit Studies and Research have published many valuable books in the field of Prakrit and Indological studies to their credit. Apart form Dhavalatraya, Dhavaletar Texts, Prakrit text books, about 50 books have also been published by the NIPSAR. Some of them are:

    1. Introduction to Prakrit Literature.
    2. Prakrit Bhasha evam Sahitya.
    3. The Spirit of Non-violence
    4. Attimambbe and Chalukyas
    5. Jainism-Ethics-Spiritual Perspective.
    6. Panditji (Commemorative volume)

The Institute has decided to bring out a Journal of the institute namely 'Payiyatitha' in English, Kannada and Hindi languages and a newsletter in the month of December 2007

This NIPSAR institute at Dhavala Teertham is an ideal place for pursuing higher studies in all the subjects related to Prakrit language and literature, comparative study of Sanskrit, Pali, Apabhramsa, Kannada and other Indian languages, Comparative Philosophies, religions and Ethics, Art, Archeology and inscriptions, Manuscriptology, Peace research, science of living and yoga and Meditation with simple living and high thinking in greenery environment near the holy place of Shravanabelagola.

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