11.07.2014 ►Chaturmasik Pakhi Today

Posted: 11.07.2014


It is auspicious day. On this day a devotee must devote in meditation, fasts, reading philosophy, practice discipline of speech, disciplined thoughts and actions. It is a day allocated for self-introspection and rectify any evils done in past four months. 

It is a day to be prepared for upcoming days of Chaturmas. Acharya Sh Mahashraman Ji is in Delhi and other groups of Sadhu-Sadhvi have also settled to the places alllocated by Gurudev for Chaturmas. In this time people all over India perform fasts, meditation etc. 

Everyone must use this opportunity of 4 months stay of Sadhu-Sadhvi and move towards the journey of self-discipline thus nearing the perfection of soul. We must practice the meditation of experiencing the separation of body and soul. We nourish the body but we also need to nourish the soul. We must accept and practice 12 Vrat.

Upasak Munish Jain

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