Kolkata - Celebration Of 20 Years Gyanshala At North Howrah

Posted: 12.07.2007
Updated on: 29.11.2012


On Sunday 13th May 2007, Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Sabha Trust Sabhagar had organised a Gyanshala function at Uttar Howrah, situated opposite Kolkata, sister city of Howrah. Main purpose of this function was to connect former with actual Gyanshala students, as Gyanshala at Howrah was entering its 20th year. Former Gyanshala students had sponsored the event.


Main gate of venue & former Gyanshala students

Shri Vimal Baid read out a message of Sadhvi Nirvanshreeji, and Shri Bachhraj Choraria, president of north Howrah Terapanthi Sabha then gave his welcome speech.


Samani Dr. Chaitanya Pragyaji explained in her speech the contribution of Jain values to building a non-violent character. “Children in early age,” she said, “get already good inspirations for building a good character through Gyanshala.



An attractive cultural programme with drama, dancing, and singing was performed by present and former Gyanshala students. Former Gyanshala students, Deepak Bothara, Swati Bothra, Manisha Baid, Navin Dugar, Hemlata Nahata, and Bhumika Bhutoria further shared experiences of their Gyanshala days with the audience.

Deepak Bothra told the audience, especially to whom it concerned that he learnt determination and discipline at Gyanshala. He continued, “Today I am addict free due to Gyanshala, and it was here, where I met my nearest friends. I request to all parents, please send just for 4 weeks your children to Gyanshala. I am sure, after this period, they will continue with it.”

Manisha Baid expressed her experiences of love and support in a poem. “Every Saturday it was so lovely there. In my memory, I live those moments again, remembering Pratikraman, hearing stories from aunty, as we called our Gyanshala trainer, and the winner of the competition being rewarded with toffees. All of us always tried to be first in competition. We participated in every function. I will not miss these sweet remembrances. I request all ex-Gyanshala students to support Gyanshala that it gets new height.”

Bhumika Bhutoria said that she learnt apart from the good energy discipline brought into her life, patience, politeness, and to pay respect to elders. ”Gyanshala is the light that shines into the future of children. I want to thank all trainers of Gyanshala and all those who are connected with this project. I wish all success to Gyanshala.”

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Shri Prakash Chandaliya, editor of Rastriya Mahanagar Newspaper and Shri Sushil Bafana were honoured for their speeches

Chief guests were Shri Lagandeo sing, local M.L.A., and JVB vice president, Shri Vinod Baid; Shri Prakash Chindalia, editor of Mahanagar, was chief speaker. Regional co-ordinator of Kolkata Gyanshala, Shri Sushil Bafana in his speech focussed on the building of a positively oriented character through Gyanshala, and expressed his happiness that this function of Gyanshala has been fulfilled through permanent and repeated training of the students.


Smt Manju Bothra, former president of Mahila Mandal and senior trainer of Gyanshala honoured by ex-Gyanshala student Manisha Baid

Smt. Manju Bothra who since the last 17 years is Gyanshala trainer compered the function. Mrs. Bothra is very popular among the students; they call her aunty. Actually, she is also advisor of Mahila Mandal where she formerly was president.


Shri Babulal Bachhawat, secretary of Sabha, gave thanks to all participants and the audience. To make the function a success, Smt. Taramani Dudhoria, Manju Kothari, Alka Surana, Kanchan Surana, Pinkie Bhansali, Seema Baid and Pushpa Surana were active.

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