Copyright Issue - Copyright Clearance Conference Rescheduled

Posted: 03.08.2005
Updated on: 13.01.2012

The meeting for clearance of copyrights concerning the online publication of H.H. Acharyashree Mahaprajna's Books, especially those published by the Jain  University Ladnun, became rescheduled, whereas 2 publishers already agreed to the online publication of Acharyashree’s books in HereNow4U, published by their companies.


Swami Dharmanandji from Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Delhi, where Acharyashree is taking his 2005 chaturmas, declared in a message dated 28th July 2005:


“Yesterday night I was with H.H. Acharyashree, Yuvacharyashree, and Lokeshmuni; some more saints were present.
I enquired about the tomorrow's meeting on the subject of the publication matters.

  • As the president of both the organizations, Jain Vishva Bharati and Adarash Sahity Sangha,
    will not be available tomorrow,

    H.H. said, that Karuna and Aparigrah are allowed to publish any material from any book they like, published by both above mentioned publishers.

All the persons present have accepted this principle for those persons who have no other motive than propagating the preaching of H.H.

  • The matter of J.V.B.I.' s publications will be discussed later on.

Everybody was happy with the decision. I hope, you will be glad also with it.
I had also handed over the letter from R. K. Bengani to H.H. Acharyashree concerning the copyright matter.
H.H. said that I should inform you about the same.”

We are happy with the decision, that our efforts to publish online books authored by H. H., for respectful use by students of Jainology, or anybody interested in the teachings of Jainism, may be continued.

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