Bhagavan Mahavira Life and Philosophy ► 05 ► [05.02] Initiation of Women

Posted: 25.08.2005

Chapter 5

Foundation Of Religious Order

hagavan Mahavira propounded the Doctrine of Soul (atman), according to which 'soul' is the principal or the most fundamental point of consideration while evaluating any living being.

Qualification of 'being a human being' was secondary in his view.

Secondly, he was also a 'humanitarian' in the sense that he gave importance only to the quality of ‘being a human being';
he gave the least importance to other considerations such as caste and sex.

Candanabala expressed her wish to be initiated as a nun.
There were a few other women with her.
They too wanted to be initiated.

Bhagavan Mahavira initiated all of them as nuns.

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