Bhagavan Mahavira Life and Philosophy ► 07 ► [07.03] Non-Violence And Liberty

Posted: 04.09.2005

Chapter 7

The Relevance Of The Jaina Religion To Modern Problems

hagavan Mahavira did not ever acquiesce in the usur­pation of the freedom of man. Usurpation of freedom amounts to violence. Violence in its turn creates problems and misery.
Mahavira propounded the principle of self-discipline in order to free mankind from this misery.

He said,

"One should discipline oneself. Self-discipline is undoubtedly most difficult. One who has disciplined his own self will certainly he happy here and hereafter.

It is better if one controls oneself through self-restraint and penance. It is not good for one to be governed by others under the threat of imprisonment and death."

Mahavira never conceived non-violence as separate from freedom and freedom from self-restraint and penance.

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