Bhagavan Mahavira Life and Philosophy ► 07 ► [07.11] The Cycle of Suffering

Posted: 12.09.2005

Chapter 7

The Relevance Of The Jaina Religion To Modern Problems

he karmas in the form of bandha express their function in the forms of punya (material beneficence), and papa (adversities).

The karmas bound by good activities express themselves in the form of punya and those bound by bad activities express themselves in the form of papa.
Man driven by attachment to the rise of punya and aversion to the rise of papa exerts itself again to asrava.

Thus the cycle from bandha to asrava and from another asrava to another bandha and so on goes on.
This process is called samsara (the mundane existence).
A soul caught in this process goes on experiencing physical and mental sufferings such as birth, death, old age, disease etc.

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