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Posted: 24.09.2005

Chapter 9

Philosophy And Exhortation


Just as fire is not quenched by the fuel and the ocean by thousands of rivers, similarly no living being is satisfied even with all the wealth of all the three worlds.
(Bhagavati Aradhana, 1143)


Non-possessiveness controls the senses in the same way as a hook controls the elephant. As a ditch is useful for the protection of a town, so is non-attachment for the control of the senses.
(Bhagavati Aradhana, 1168)


Greed even for a piece of straw, not to speak of precious things, produces sin. A greedless person, even if he wears a crown, cannot commit sin.
(Bhagavati Aradhana, 1371)


One who, being swayed by wishful thinking becomes a victim of passions at every step, and does not ward off the desires, cannot practise asceticism.
(Dasavaikalika, 2/1)


External renunciation is meaningless if the soul remains fettered by internal shackles.
(Bhava-pahuda, 13)


Living beings have desires. Desires consist in pleasure and pain.
(Kartikeyanupreksa, 18/14)


One who is constantly careful in his deportment is like the lily in the pond, untarnished by mud.
(Pravacanasara, 3/18)


Objects of the senses pollute knowledge if it is not protected by discipline.
(Sila-pahuda, 2)

Discipline is the means of achieving liberation.
(Sila-pahuda, 20)


Even the noble becomes mean in the company of the wicked, as precious necklace on the neck of a dead body.
(Bhagavati Aradhana, 245)

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