Economics Of Mahavira ► 03 ► [03.05] Economics of Non-violence and Peace - The Concept of Hedonism

Posted: 15.01.2006

Let us now proceed towards Mahavira. The main issues before Mahavira were those of self-control, peace and non- violence. He maintained that where self-restraint and peace prevail non-violence is also ensured. Economics is moored in the fulfilment of wants. What is aimed at is that the people should be able to satisfy their wants. Satisfaction and enjoyment have remained the main targets of Economics.

Hedonism has been a philosophical concept. In the West, a considerable amount of thinking has been devoted to the hedonistic point of view. That point of view has been prevalent in India too. But along with that, there has also been another point of view and that is happiness. Happiness is attainable. But it is somehow not achieved.

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