Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.06] Environment and Economics - Sixth Kalkhand

Posted: 26.02.2006

In the Jain scriptures, the description of the sixth kalkhand is delineated. At present, the fifth kalkhand is in progress. During the sixth, there would be universal destruction. At that time, the ozone umbrella would not only be full of holes, but it would get completely destroyed and the ultra-violet rays of the sun would directly hit the earth. The earth would get heated to an extent that it would not be possible for any living being to remain alive.

Let alone the living beings, even the vegetation would burn to ashes. Some of the people living in the caves of the Himalayas may survive and also some fish in water may survive. During the day, there will be scorching fire and during the nights, temperature would fall much below zero degree. The horrifying descriptions available about the sixth kalkhand and the disastrous consequences of the breaking away of the ozone umbrella that the scientists are talking about, have a lot of similarities between them.

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