Economics Of Mahavira ► 05 ► [05.09] Environment and Economics - The Other Direction

Posted: 01.03.2006

It is obvious that, with the intensification of these issues, the theories of Modern Economics have failed in the objective to provide food, water and essential means. In fact, it is going in the other direction. If the available resources had been used for the mitigation of hunger, then nobody would have remained without food. The dream has not been realized since the problem was not tackled along with the solution of the mental problems.

Nations want to establish their dominance over other nations. To achieve this, how they create a network of spies, how new problems are created for the other nations, how countries are attacked, how countries impose restrictions on poor and under- developed and developing countries, are all manifestation of the mental problem. If along with the solutions for the physical problems, mental problems had also been attended to, and with physical prosperity, mental prosperity was also looked after, then the image Economics would have been different and its theories would have been also entirely different.

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