Economics Of Mahavira ► 06 ► [06.01] Poverty and Unemployment - Question of Economic Equality

Posted: 12.03.2006

Mahavira said:

anegochitte khala ayem purise

Men demonstrate different attitudes and possess varied capabilities. There are wide divergences in intellectual talent, business acumen, capability to earn wealth, attitude of good conduct and behaviour. Everybody does not possess these in the same measure. Each person possesses different levels of attitudes and capability. As a corollary, equality can only be an ideal and we can consider equality only as a basic concept. On a practical plane, it is not possible to achieve relative equality.

Question of Economic Equality

Mahavira said:

nho neenhe no aeritte
nobody is low, nobody is expendable, and nobody is superfluous.

It is an undisputed fact; it is only the expression of truth. But in, a competitive, practical world, there are relatively less capable individuals and more idle, good-for- nothing individuals. Everybody does not possess the same ability. It is, therefore, obvious that economic equality can be conceived only in a technical sense, it cannot be considered at the level of a practical reality.

In this context, there are four issues before modern economic Systems

  • Eradicating poverty
  • Controlling demographic growth
  • Improving environrnent
  • Removing Unemployment
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