Economics Of Mahavira ► 06 ► [06.07] Poverty and Unemployment - The Problem of Famine

Posted: 18.03.2006

A calamity that visited in those times was famine. At the time of famine, great distress was widely experienced. In the twentieth century, we cannot even imagine how horrifying those famines were. In the present century, so many resources have become available that if famine takes place in any part of the world or if the condition persists, food can be and is supplied from other parts of the world. The means of transport and communications are so easily available that famine has ceased to be a serious problem. In olden days, the situation became very grave whenever famines visited the land. Even when people possessed money, they were forced to die because of hunger. In the present century, man has acquired so much capability that he can transport anything from one place to another with ease.

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