Economics Of Mahavira ► 06 ► [06.15] Poverty and Unemployment - The Rural Conditions

Posted: 26.03.2006

I refer to an event that occurred several years ago. Revered Gurudev was in Delhi, Dr. Rarn Manohar Lohia came to see him. During the course of talks Lohiaji observed: "Maharaj, in our country today there are 25 to 30 crore people who do not get two meals a day. If you want to know the actual condition, then send Muni Nathmalji (Acharya Mahaprajna) with me to the villages. He may go there himself and see the conditions in the villages with his own eyes".

In fact, the conditions are such that crores of people do not get a square meal to satisfy their hunger. However, there is one difference between the olden times and now. In the ancient times, people died due to poverty or starvation. Today they are not allowed to die; they are kept alive to bear the suffering. If someone dies, then it becomes a threat to the government. Comments and criticisms are made. He is not free to die; he is committed to live a life of poverty as a curse this is the condition of man today. This reality cannot be changed unless Mahavira's principle of 'limited ownership' is accepted.

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