Economics Of Mahavira ► 07 ► [07.02] Mahavira, Marx, Keynes and Gandhi - Spiritual ► Physical Personality

Posted: 31.03.2006

Spiritual Personality

Mahavira is a purely spiritual personality. Inside and outside, by conduct and by belief in the twin-dimensions, there is a spiritual personality.
Gandhi is internally a spiritual personality and externally a political personality. Gandhi tried to clarify this position on several occasions: "In a real sense, I am a spiritual and religious person. I have adopted politics as a medium to establish an intimate relationship with the people. For my objective, this is the most powerful medium and that is why I have chosen it. But none of my politics, social philosophy, or economic philosophy can be separated from spiritualism. If it is isolated from spiritualism, then that is garbage for me, not acceptable to me."

Physical Personality

Marx and Keynes are not spiritual personalities. In the real sense, they are economic personalities, physical personalities. They hold no expectation of spirit, religion or salvation. It is only materialistic personality. They have talked about that only, thought about that only.

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