Economics Of Mahavira ► 07 ► [07.04] Mahavira, Marx, Keynes and Gandhi - Disposition

Posted: 02.04.2006

One can know a great deal about a person by knowing in which direction is he proceeding and in which side is he facing, Mahavira is inclined towards the spirit. He is poised and his direction is towards the spiritual.

Gandhi is inclined towards God. Having been brought up and nurtured under the Vaishnav culture, God is supreme for him. His one principle was 'God is the truth’. But as his vision widened, his contacts extended and with the coming in touch with persons like Shrimad Rajchandra, he received a considerable influence of the Jain religion. As a result of wide contacts and influences, Gandhi reversed the principle that God is the truth. In the later period his principle changed to ‘Truth is God’. It is one and the same thing whether we say that someone is inclined towards God or towards truth.

Marx and Keynes both are, in real terms economists, both inclined towards materialism. Marx is materialistic and Keynes is also materialistic. They are inclined towards the material, towards money and wealth.

With the disposition of people, we can know their personality. A principle propounded by a person is caused by his nature and disposition. Which person enunciates which principle depends on his nature, behaviour and temperament.

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