Economics Of Mahavira ► 07 ► [07.07] Mahavira, Marx, Keynes and Gandhi - The Means

Posted: 05.04.2006

The fourth parameter is the choice of means. This is equally important. Objectives sometimes are common, but means can be very different.

To achieve the objective, Mahavira chose the means of non-violence, renunciation and restraint.

Mahatma Gandhi chose the means of truth and non-violence.

Marx, while clarifying his policy in the context of making choices of the means, emphasized that our objective is economic growth, to remove sufferings of the poor by eradicating poverty. If it is achieved through non-violence, then it is well and good. If it cannot be achieved by non-violence, then we should not hesitate to resort to violence. He believed unmistakably that the bourgeoisie would never like to relinquish its power. Class struggle is, therefore, unavoidable and in that process, the use of weapons would also be unavoidable.

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