Economics Of Mahavira ► 08 ► [08.09] Parameters of the New Economic Policy - The Problem of Inner Urge

Posted: 23.04.2006

Among the truths propounded by Bhagwan Mahavira, one is that when anger, vanity, attachment, cheating and greed remain dormant, the social system, the economic system and governmental system function on the right lines. When these human characteristics become preponderant, all systems go awry. If the urge of a person who wields power is great, he becomes violent. He can become a Hitler or a Stalin and, for the enhancement of his empire, he can make use of horrifying destructive weapons.

It is because of this reason that when we want a balanced economic system and an orderly world economic order, we have to deploy both dimensions externally, the harmonization of the system, and internally the harmonization or balancing of the emotions. This is never possible if we attend only to the external system. It could be set up today but after five or ten years when some powerful person emerges, he would dismantle it.

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