Economics Of Mahavira ► 08 ► [08.11] Parameters of the New Economic Policy - The Dreadful Mistake

Posted: 25.04.2006

In re-examining the new economic organization, we should rectify a mistake that we have been committing in the past, the mistake of focusing all our attention on the material system and external organization. We never gave attention to the inner system. Until man does not change from inside, what good can a change in the system alone achieve? Man may manufacture the best possible motorcar. If the driver were not skilled and reliable, there would always be a risk.

In this world we are living in, all our activities and behaviour, start with conflict. Wherever there is a conflict, nobody can work alone. He can do neither the internal work alone nor the external work alone. The inner situation should change first and then the external situation should change. If we have the desire to change the present economic system and establish a new economic system, a correction of the earlier mistake will have to be made. In my view, it was a horrible mistake and without rectifying it, nothing will be possible.

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