Economics Of Mahavira ► 10 ► [10.13] Introspection and Clarifications (13)

Posted: 06.06.2006

Is decentralization of power necessary for decentralization of the economic System? Is it possible that power may be centralized and economic system may be decentralized?

If the economic system is decentralized, political administration will also be decentralized. The organization of the whole society will be decentralized. It is not possible that while the administration is centralized, economic management remains decentralized. If decentralization is to be achieved, it will have to be introduced in administration, in economic management, in the life system, indeed, in everything. Social management and economic management, both go hand in hand. When a power oriented economic system developed, dictatorship took birth in the form of communism. On the contrary, the pledge of communism was a stateless society. We have now to accept that social system and economic system both would change together. One of these alone cannot be changed in isolation.

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