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Posted: 10.06.2006

What is the Principle of Vibration? There is very little knowledge about it. Is this scientific phenomenon a product of the Indian philosophy?

Vibration is one total principle. There is, however, not much knowledge about it because today's science is merely four hundred years old. You are not conversant with Indian science. The whole of presently known science is imported from the West, Similarly, the entire education, whether it is related to technology or to science, has been borrowed from the West. We do not have any real contact with ancient Indian knowledge since all'-' that knowledge is in Sanskritand Prakrit and today these are neglected languages. The entire training is mainly done through English medium. As a result of this, whatever has happened or is happening in the West is known and only that limited thinking comes before us. That is also why respected Gurudev has said that there should be Idealization of education. Indian knowledge should be included in today's curricula. 1t is understood that one such department has been created in the Allahabad University which would do research on ancient Indian Science. Some literature has started coming out from there. Some learned persons from there had met us and they explained the kind of work being done there. They have also asked for our co-operation.
The theory of Vibration was propounded by the Indian philosophy thousands of years ago. If we get aligned to the soul of India, then we would come face to face with several such realities.

What modern science is saying had been propounded by Indian scientists thousands of years ago. If we recognize our own treasure of knowledge, we can enrich ourselves profusely.

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