Economics Of Mahavira ► 11 ► [11.13] Mahavira and Economics - Environment and Economics

Posted: 01.07.2006

Our point of view has become partial and this partial point of view is the root of all problems. If we had thought about it from an integrated perspective, the problems would not have blown up to such an extent. What I think is right, and what you think can also be right - unless this approach is not developed, our problems will remain unresolved.

Mahavira had said that the root of all religions is holistic philosophy and the root of all sins is the philosophy of untruth. Violence, untruth, non-celibacy, anger, vanity are all sins, but the biggest sin is the mentality of untruthfulness. The person committing violence drowns himself whether he harms others or not, but falsehood destroys thousands of people. It is, therefore, necessary to change the attitude of untruthfulness. It has been said in scriptures: Sammtadanei n karea pawam - a person possessing a holistic point of view cannot commit a sin. A person with a partial point of view is the basic cause of the problem of pollution.

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