Economics Of Mahavira ► 11 ► [11.19] Mahavira and Economics - The Solutions

Posted: 07.07.2006

There are two solutions of this problem. The first solution is: don't become poor and destitute by your own thoughts. The second solution is: people should be taught that if they try to move alone, a considerable amount of harm would occur with the selfish mentality, hence avoid doing so.

In our visit to South India, we saw that in the entire region there is a considerable influence of Jain faith. In North India, only Mahajan businessmen are Jains, whereas in the South there are Jains in all communities. What is the reason for this? On investigation it was found that the Jains there acted with great farsightedness. They exhibited determination that anybody who is a Jain would receive education, medical care and employment. Nobody would starve; nobody would sleep without a roof over his head. He will not die for want of medical treatment. The result of this was that the whole of South got attracted towards Jain religion. Jain people should adopt this attitude everywhere. Even the Christians do the same. They help the needy. As a result, they expanded their numbers. On the other hand, the Hindus have taken exception that religious conversion was taking place. By doing so, what was the result? When the primary needs are not satisfied and people are dependent for food and clothing on others, they accept help from whatever sources are available. Recently, a foundation was constituted with the objective of providing everybody with educational facilities, medical care and housing. This is done not with the motivation of earning an obligation; it is done with a feeling of service and love and affection for the co-followers of the same religion. In Jain philosophy, there is a directive for co-religiousness. If we invest the necessary significance to this feeling, big things could be accomplished, while it would be a great contribution to the removal of poverty and unemployment.

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