Mahavira's Scripture Of Health ► 10 ► [10.04] Yogic Postures And Health - Why Do The Asanas

Posted: 13.06.2007

The asanas mentioned by Bhagvan Mahavira result indifferent types of Ligamentary tensions. One of those asanas is called dandayatika sitting straight and stretching the legs creates the necessary tension. There is an asana called uttana-shayana which means lying flat. Another asana is avam-shyana which means lying on the stomach. Parshra-shayana is an asana which means lying on the left side and the right side. He mentioned several asanas which include nirjara (dissociation of karma), atma-shodhana (purifying the soul)and purification of the glands. All these asanas have reference to health. Had it not been from the point of view of health, why would so many asanas be recommended? Nirjara and atma-shodhana would have been possible by doing just one asana. Why were so many asanas recommended? Why was kayotsarga prescribed? Consideration of health has been the strong motivating factor. For the ascetic, other treatments become very complicated. Hence, in the context of health, the asanas of various types were prescribed.

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