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Posted: 15.03.2017
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BNHS CEC launches Certificate Course in Butterfly Studies
Presenting an opportunity to learn about these winged beauties
Mumbai: 15th March: We all have chased these fluttering tiny colorful insects in our backyard, gardens and everywhere around us. But, ever wondered how to identify butterflies, their classification, their lifecycle and other details? BNHS CEC announces all new course on butterflies to learn about the world of butterflies. The ‘Certificate Course in Butterfly Studies (Lepidoptera)’ is a hybrid course with online and field components focusing on these winged creatures.
Course Details:
Duration: Six months (June 2017 to November 2017)
Coursework: Online assignment submission, including online research, field work and nature activity once a month.
Field Activity: Five field visits and one field camp during the duration of the course
Course Fees: Rs. 10,000 (including a copy of ‘Butterflies of India’ by Isaac Kehimkar)
                       Rs. 8000 (excluding the copy of ‘Butterflies of India’)
                       Course fees include: Study material and BNHS expertise on all field trips, along                                  with refreshments during inaugural and wrap-up camps in Mumbai
                       Course fees exclude: Entry fees wherever applicable and fees for field camps
Last day for registration: 10th May 2017
Who can enroll?
·         Anyone with an interest to learn about the butterflies of India and its conservation
·         The basic qualification is 10th standard (any board)
·         Basic understanding about use of computer and internet and access to the same
1.      Introduction, identification and classification of butterflies
2.      Butterfly hotspots in India and FAQs
3.      Butterfly behaviour and research
4.      Butterfly gardening in India
5.      Butterflies - importance, threats and conservation
How to Register?
Interested people can write to us on ‘butterfly@bnhs.org’ BNHS CEC team will send registration form and payment details in response. Kindly note, the last date for registration is 10th May 2017 (Limited admissions). For further details, please call on 022-28429477 or 9594953425, Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
BNHS CEC also offers courses on ornithology, herpetology, biodiversity conservation and entomology. For details, kindly visit www.bnhs.org or write to us at cecbnhs@gmail.com
--- Bilwada Kale, Public Relations Officer, BNHS


With best regards,
Ms. Bilwada Kale
Public Relations Officer, BNHS


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