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Posted: 13.02.2018

There are two sets of people in this world. The first type people are those who cannot decide the true purpose of their life. The people in second category are those who successfully determine the true purpose of their life. Value-oriented and fortunate people fall under second category. But such people are rare in this world. Most of the people in this world remain in the first group because of the lack of goal-setting. But, only precise goal-setting does not guarantee a successful life. Along with goal-setting, knowledge of the right path which can lead to your destination in life is also essential. The following of that path is also indispensable.

The question arises what should be the true purpose of life? Salvation is accepted as the purpose of life in a spiritual sense. Though there can be many intermediate goals, the ultimate goal is to achieve the supreme blissful state of the soul. Attainment of liberation is a great goal. It can be achieved through complete destruction of karma after the spiritual practices of many lives. The following verse explains the path of liberation in present life also:

Nirj itamadamadananam, manovakkayavikararahitanam Vinivrittaparashanam, ihaiva mokshah suvihittanam.

The one who has overcome ego and lust, who is free from the deformation of mind, speech and body, and who is detached from materialistic desires, attains liberation in his current life.

Ego is one of the weaknesses of man. Ego rises up when something unfavourable happens, such as being insulted by someone or when his words are not accepted by others. After that his ego begets anger. Therefore, man should try to melt his anger away from his mind.

Once, a disciple - after acquiring the knowledge from his Guru - requested, "Gurudev! I am grateful to you for providing me much knowledge. What honorarium can I offer you as a token of gratitude?' Gurudev replied, 'my son! I do not need any expensive item. Whatever you think is waste and useless is good to offer me.'

The disciple went out of the campus and determined that the soil was useless. It should be gifted. He went to his Guru with the soil. Guru said, 'soil is very useful thing. It is used to make bricks, pots and used by children to play. Therefore, it has its utility.' Then later disciple came to Guru with some ashes.

Explaining the utility of ashes Guru said, 'it is used by Jain monks to pluck the hairs. In case of indigestion the mixture of ash and salt cures it. There are many other usages of ash.' The disciple suggested many other things as gifts. But Guru proved the utility of everything. Finally the disciple said, 'Gurudev! My ego is completely of no use. Please accept it.' Guru replied, 'My son! You are correct that it is of no use. Leave it with me and you will be relaxed.' The one, who knows to give up ego, attains the salvation in this very world.

Liberation is possible for the person who knows how to overcome lust or carnal desires. We know it is not so easy to conquer lust. When the carnal desires are stimulated, even the best of us can succumb to this powerful urge. Leave the common people if we study the long tradition of saints, we find that they also became enfeebled by the situation and became enthused to live a life of flaws. In fact, conquering the carnal desires is a crucial job.

The practice of celibacy is essential for supreme serenity in life. In this context, our ancient acharya has even said 'maranam bindupaten, Jivanam bindudharnat' i.e. celibacy is life, non-celibacy is death. However, for a house holder it is hard to observe complete celibacy. Therefore the vow of svadar santosh (contentment with spouse) is suggested for him. Moreover, open sex is never desirable for him. Here are some phrases to assist in control over carnal desires. 1. Not to have sexual relation with any woman except his spouse.

  1. Not to visit to prostitute.
  2. Never go with unnatural sex.
  3. Not to support marriages for commercial purpose.
  4. Not to have intense aspiration for sexual impulses.

Celibacy is said to be supreme among all vows. In Uttradhyayan Sutra we find:

Mokkhabhikankhissa vi manavassa, sansarbhirussa ŧhiyassa dhamme Neyarisam duŧŧarmatthi loe, jahiŧthio balmanoharao

There is nothing unbeatable in this universe for the people who are firm in religion, scrupulous in behaviour and wishing for salvation. But the women who arouse the ignorant and weak people are unconquerable. Therefore, one should practice to control the instinct of lust. The lust-conqueror attains the emancipation in his present life.

In addition, if someone's mind, speech and body are free from distortion, then liberation is possible for him in that very life. He, who overcomes anger, greed, fear, ego, and the like, moves closer to the emancipation. The key practice of an ascetic is to eradicate all emotional deterioration. And it is not impossible to eradicate such deformations. In fact, it may not be hundred percentages, yet partial eradication is doable.

Once, a soldier went off to the battlefield. His mother determined that if her son comes back happily, she will invite a monk for a meal. Coincidently the soldier returned home well. Mother explained her wish to her son. Son replied, 'mother! Please invite a dead saint.' Mother asked, 'Dear son! Are you going crazy? How can a dead saint come to our home?' Thereafter, she went and brought a saint home with her. Her son started abusing him. The saint got upset and left. Similarly, many saints came and left unhappy. Finally, one saint came along who was not offended by the abusive words; he kept silence. Then the son said, 'mother! He is a dead saint. Now serve him a meal and fulfil your determination.' Mother did not understand. Her son said, 'the monk is dead, if his anger is dead, lust is dead, and ego is dead. A saint should always be dead; A lay-man should also try to minimize such emotional deterioration. Whenever the mind becomes disturbed, erroneous thoughts occur and the mind becomes distorted. When a man tells a lie or speaks bitterly, his speech gets distorted. When through gestures or physical activity a wrong act is being done, it is distortion of physical act. Man if tries to remove the distortions, liberation is possible immediately.

Man should not have aspirations for material things. Aspirations can bring disappointment. Therefore, he should be content with whatever he has. He should not have attraction for material objects. Detachment from the craving for materialistic objects in itself can bring liberation. The person who is content in the present moment is liberated on earth.

Man should overcome ego and lust; remove physical, mental and emotional deterioration and stay away from material desires. After that, liberation can be attained in present life.

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