Lecture “Dynamic Personality Through Challenge” on 30th July, 2009 at Amolak Bhawan

Published: 06.08.2009
Updated: 29.11.2012


Samani Vipul Pragya ji the learned disciples of Acharya Shri Mahapragya Ji addressed the audience on dynamic personality through challenge on 30th July, 2009 at Amolak Bhawan, Raipur(Chhattisgarh).

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/Locations/Raipur/Raipur_Lecture.jpgThose who always want to learn new things, progress in life will welcome the challenges. After achieving one goal, they head for another target. They get new experience from every new achievement. After fulfilling one dream they dream for new things and long for challenges and exciting opportunities. The hunger for achievements gives you everlasting happiness and the enthusiasm never ends. They always remain alive and creative.

There are tons of difficulties, problems and complications in life. Try to keep your mind cool, calm and balanced, you will certainly find solutions to your problems. Remember the tenet of Acharya Mahapragya: ”Keep inside, live outside.”

Keep up the spirit of learning new every time. When this desire to learn new arises then comes depth in thought process and development in personality. The eagerness to learn will develop modesty in your personality.

For a disciplined and well managed personality, it is very important to limit your desires. Then only your life can be tension free, simple and free flowing.

The higher the aim the higher is the degree of hard work. And subsequently achievement will also be great. Always set high aims in your life. There are chances when you feel alone but you should not be disappointed for that. Keep patience and have courage. Cowards never achieve. Only the courageous can go for the kill. In fact happiness comes only after you struggle to achieve the desired goal.

Enthusiasm is life. Without enthusiasm and fervour, life becomes dull. Success is yours only when you work with enthusiasm. There is a positive relationship between enthusiasm and energy. Whenever we start a task with enthusiasm, our energy level soars. But if we do any job unwillingly, all our energy loses out. But when we work with enthusiasm, our work gets over quickly with improved results. Enthusiastic and energetic people become popular easily than others. So always remain enthusiastic and energetic, this will give you a new identity. Your confidence level will increase and very soon you will scale high on the ladder of success.

Courage is that power which can enable a person to swim against the upstream. There is one thought in Jain which inspires to swim against the tide. “If you want to become great in life, you swim against the tide. Do not flow in the direction of the world. Have courage to flow against it.” A gem cannot be polished without any friction, man cannot be perfect without trials.

Positive attitude is key to success. It will develop only when our mind is clean and thoughts are pious. Our heart is filled with generosity, love, compassion, cooperation and enthusiasm. If our heart beams with such feelings, our thoughts will automatically be positive.

Expand your horizons. Never crib. Try to do well in life. Welcome new thoughts and visions. Try to change the routine of life. The best way to boost your self confidence is to do the work you are afraid of. Try to learn from the experience of others. Always try for improvisation.

For the attainment of goals, the most important is strong determination. First you stabilize your determination and live up to it. There is immense power in strong determination. Those who get inspired by it, go a long way in life. Roads to prosperity and progress open up for them. When a person gets inspired to make big in life then his inspiration converts into strong determination and the person strives hard till he achieves his goals. In every walk of life, we come across persons who are very ordinary in early phases of their lives. But with their hard work, determination and planning they go on to become top notch in their respective fields.

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