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Posted: 05.07.2012

My acquaintance with the Terapanth sect had been very slight until I was introduced to Sri Tulsigani, his sadhus and sadhvis, and the various laywomen and laymen who were present at the affairs which I attended. I have always had the most pleasant association with all the Jains whom I have met and in meeting with Shri Tulsigani and his followers I again had the same sort of experience.

It was valuable to me also, as well as pleasant, to have the opportunity of talking with the Acharya and of sharing in a goshthi. No one could fail to be impressed with the Acharya's own great learning and with the learning of his sadhus and sadhvis. I may even add that I was impressed with the capacity of so many lay followers to understand all that went on at the goshthi, whether in Gujarati, Sanskrit, or Prakrit. I may even say that it was especially surprising to find a sadhu who, without any opportunity to prepare his material, could talk extemporaneously in Prakrit. It is clear that under the Acharya's direction the sect cultivates assiduously Jain learning and doctrine.

I think, too, that from my conversation with the Acharya I got a good idea of the special message which the Terapanthis preach. It was possible for me to get from him a clear statement of the sect's ideals, its methods, its organisation, its energy toward the promotion of international peace.

I felt that in my meetings I was having an experience such as one might have had in a Jain conclave two thousand years ago.

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