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Posted: 16.01.2013


   Samani Bhavit Pragya

Samani Sangh Pragya

Family Camp Sept. 9

On Sunday Sept. 9 ‘Hindu Swayam Sevak Sangh’ held its Hindu family camp in South East Sambhaag Sa-mani Bhavita pragya and Samani Sangha Pragya were invited for this auspicious occasion. Samani Bhavita Pragyaji talked about teachings of Lord Mahavir. The program was very much enjoyed by everyone attend-ing the camp.

Rollins College, Winter Park, Fl

Oct. 30, The Samanijis were invited by Dr. Yudit Greenberg of Rollins College to speak about the concept of the body in the Jain religion. Samani Bhavita Pragya spoke about the five kinds of body: gross, protean, con-vince, luminous, and karmic. Also discussed about how the body helps in spiritual practice, and up to what extent the body is valuable to spiritual practice. Samani Sangha Pragya discussed how to lead a meaningful life. All were inspired by the Samanijis’ lectures. The students received many new ideas about Jainism in day to day life.

Multifaith Conference


The Multifaith Conference was hosted by Hindu Society of Central Florida on 4th of November, 2012. More than 150 people participated in this con-ference from different religions. Samaniji talked about ‘Ethics of Jainism.’ People were so happy to know about Jainism. Samaniji had a dialogue with Americans on many current issues. The program was enjoyed with full joy and happiness. The Hindi Society was very thrilled with the events and asked the Samanijis to return each year.

Tampa, Fl.

Jain Sangh of Tampa invited the Samanijis from JVB Orlando on the celebration of the grand ceremony of Jain Temple. People from various places such as Melbourne, Orlando, Daytona Bean were present on this occasion. Samaniji introduced the audience to the ‘Power of Spirituality’ which was greatly appreciated. This enthusiastic community extended an invitation to Samaniji for future programs.

Jacksonville, Fl


A big group of Jacksonville visited the Orlando JVB Center on the 5th of September. They invited Samaniji to visit for lectures in Jack-sonville. Samanijis went to Jacksonville for lecture from the 14th to the 16th of December. First Day started off with the detailed expla-nation of Logass Sutra and lectures on ‘Key to Happiness.’ The next two days there were discussions on Leshya which aroused cu-riosity amongst the audience for color meditation. The visit ended with a session of Preksha-meditation.

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