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Posted: 21.09.2005

Chapter 9

Philosophy And Exhortation


Let me give up attachment through unattachment. My soul will be my only support (in this practice of unattachment). (Hence) let me give up everything else.
(Mulacara, 2/44)


Just as I do not like misery, so do others. Knowing this, one neither kills, nor gets killed. A sramana is so called because he behaves equanimously.
(Anuyogadvara, 708, gatha 3)


One who remains equanimously in the midst of pleasures and pains is asramana, being in the state of pure consciousness.
(Pravacanasara, 1/14)


A sramana devoid of the knowledge of Agama does neither know himself, nor others. (Pravacansara, 3/32)


Other beings perceive through their senses whereas the sramana perceives through the Agama.
(Pravacanasara. 3/34)


One devoted whole-heartedly to knowledge, faith and right conduct equally accomplishes in full the task of the sramana.


O Self! Practise Truth, and nothing but Truth.
(Acaranga, 3/3/66)


Enlightened by the light of Truth, the wise transcends death.
(Acaranga, 3/3/66)


Truth alone is the essence in the world.
(Prasnavyakarana, 2/2)


The ascetic who never thinks of telling a lie out of attachment, aversion or delusion is indeed the practiser of the second vrata of truthfulness.
(Niyamasara, 57)

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