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Published: 17.09.2007
Updated: 06.08.2008

Pudgala - General Propertieses

  1. Pudgala is

    1. an astikaya [Bhagavati Sutra, 13/4/55 (J.V.B. Edition)]
    2. a real, [Ibid,ibid]
    3. a substance, [Utt. 28/8]
    4. eternal/indestructible, [Tat. Sut. 5/4]
    5. avasthita (non-transmutable) [Ibid, ibid]

  2. Pudgala is physical order of existence, not psychical.[ Ibid, 5/1]

    1. Pudgala possesses qualities of colour, taste, smell and touch. [Bhagavati Sutra, 2/10/129]
    2. Pudgala is sensible/perceivable.[ (a) Tat. Sut, 5/4; (b) Brh. Dra. Sam, verse 15]

    1. Pudgala is kriyavan (i.e. incessantly active). [Tat sut. Bhasya, 5/6}
    2. Pudgala is parinami (i.e. subject to mutation). [Brh. Dra Sam. 2/1 p. 67]

  3. Pudgala is fusionable and fissionable [Tat. Sut. Commentary, 5/1]

    1. Pudgala is numerically infinite. [Bhag. Sut. 2/10/129; Utt. 28/8]
    2. Spatially it fills the entire universe. [Ibid, ibid]

  4. Pudgala interacts with and influences psychic order of existence, i.e., jiva or consciousness. [(a) Tat. Sut. 8/2 (b) Ibid, 5/19]

We shall now discuss the above properties of pudgala in detail:

  • Jain Vishva Barati Institute, Ladnun, India
  • Edited by Muni Mahendra Kumar
  • 3rd Edition 1995

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