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Education for Bliss & Development: 10 ►The Problem Of Uncultured Behaviour

Published: 15.05.2018

The expectations of a mother start flying in the air when her child goes to the school for the first time. She thinks that her child is going to become something. She sacrifices her comfort for her child's future. She wants to witness the self-righteous character and disciplined life of her child. If any child takes a first step towards non-violence while it is trying to develop its character and self-discipline then it is stuck in the clutches of criminal mind set, it becomes unruly and rampant and it starts consuming intoxicating drinks, this arises so many questions which need immediate solution.

The Reasons of Uncultured Behaviour

The first and foremost question is that why the child becomes uncultured? Is this the effect of hereditary or of the environment? Domestic situations push it towards crime and the company it holds changes its interests. Is it due to the mediums like cinema and television that the future generations are heading towards the wrong direction or there may be no reason for this uncultured behaviour? By analysing today's situations it can be predicted that the youth of the 21st century will be more uncultured. In such a situation, the mere imagination of deformities observed in the faces of family, society and the country causes us to shiver.

On analysis of the important elements of uncultured behaviour, some points are very clear. The lack of spiritual environment, the lack of religious leaders' company, the lack of character building literature and the lack of interest in literature study, the lack of enculturation received by listening to the stories of grandparents, the lack of awareness of parents in the field of character building, sights and audio that excites criminal mindsets are some of the elements which diminish the intelligence of children. It is difficult to predict what these children may do at times.

New Terrorism

Today, many new sights of terrorism are seen in the country every day. The land of Punjab is bathing in blood. Sometimes we also get to see and hear instances of violence in Bihar, Gujarat, Assam and Sri Lanka and other provinces also. Many other issues also arise here and there. In the near future, it may be possible that the deep roots of terrorism are cut, violence fails, and other problems may also get solved, but how to control the new terrorism that is arising in the children due to the lack of culture?

The fresh example of this terrorism is the kidnapping and murder of children by children. Country of Gandhi, which believes Mahaveer's principles, the prevalence of violence in the form of non-violence is very amazing. Two adolescents of seventeen and fifteen years have kidnapped two children of five and seven years. Why? Because a day before they have seen a movie-'Paap ki Duniya'. Whatever they have seen in that movie made them excited to do the kidnapping. They made a quick plan and executed it. Whatever information has been collected tells us that the murder of the two kidnapped children was not their motive. They wanted to extort money in exchange for the children. It was not because they were brought up in poverty. The two under age adolescents have taken two innocent lives without any reasons such as poverty or revenge. This incident is as noteworthy as easy to forget.

If anywhere any voice rises against the content of cinema and television then people tend to argue that serials like Ramayana are also being telecasted on television which are very knowledge sharing. As far as Ramayana is concerned, it has influenced society to such an extent that only its name arise faith in the hearts of all the people. But how does that help to educate the children? It has been published in the newspapers that some children started using arrows and damaged someone's eyes after being influenced by Ramayana. In different news it has been heard that some child burnt someone else's house while playing the role of Hanuman. There can be many incidents like this. Is it possible to neglect all such incidents?

Refinement in Vision is Important

It is not my job to question the use and importance of modern equipments. But this is fixed that if the reasonability in the use of modernism is not alive then it will lead to such a brutal killing of traditional culture that its remnants also would not be found. Such a destruction of culture is not only a dangerous sign for human or society but for the human civilization.

Destruction being conscious over the hopes of new life creation is a sign of being directionless. The guardians, teachers and religious leaders of children should consider this information as the last challenge and thus try to find out a new direction which could make the future generations a responsible citizen if nothing more. It should release them from the clutches of brutality and place them on humane grounds. It should increase the otherwise blurry vision of education. Until and unless we do not follow this direction it will be impossible rather than difficult to stop such accidents.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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