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Published: 20.06.2018

Every soul is the centre of infinite power and energy. There is God within every soul. It can manifest itself only when the elements which are overshadowing the original properties are removed. This is the truth that our forefathers and great saints have been telling us for years. It is a matter of regret that people are forgetting this fact today. Their faith has been shaken. In the so-called era of "materialistic development" this can be considered the biggest irony. This is because truth against insincerity and untrustworthiness itself is atheism. Man's condition today is similar to a lion cub that has been taken away from its mother since birth, and is brought up along with a flock of sheep and has forgotten its indomitable strength. The lion cub, just like the lamb, trembled in fear on hearing the roar of another lion. However, he changed as soon as he realized his true identity. Man should understand this, and stop this fierce atheism from taking over him. The need of the hour is to make sure that students are saved from this phenomenon.

I am a Student

It's a heavenly sensation when I am amidst students and intellectuals. This is why I had always wanted to come to a grand institute like Pilani. But I never managed to come here for some reason. On arriving here, I instinctively felt very happy. Even to this day, I believe I am still a student. Actually man remains a student lifelong because of the tremendous amount of knowledge are still there in front of him to learn. Learning is endless.

The Goal of Knowledge

In the journey of achieving education, a student must concentrate completely on learning and not tending to the needs of the family. In the case of the latter, little insects, butterflies, birds and animals that live to fill their stomachs, would be considered equivalent to man. But that is not the point. Man is an intellectual animal. Man has the power to brainstorm and explore. He therefore concluded that the true goal of education is to make oneself cultured, and to be able to follow the path of peace and justice. This is exactly what "Knowledge alone will liberate a human being" elaborates. Education is that through means of which one can be liberated from the cycle of rebirth, cross obstacles in your path and reach the right goals. The cause for concern is that students are moving away from these norms. In the maze of materialism he is so obsessed that he is unable to realize his self-consciousness. I want to protect him from his deep sleep of ignorance. That is why, where ever I go, I ask students to use their invaluable time in good thoughts and in obtaining true knowledge like courtesy, modesty, discipline-and converting those thoughts into actions.

Students, Work with Discretion

A student's life is the life of a seeker. That is why a student should work with discretion when solving any problem. When greater problems of the world can be solved through mutual discussions and deeper understanding, why can't we solve our problems in a similar fashion? If students' problems can be solved in the same orderly manner, through coordination and agreement, why use such radical destructive methods? They have to build their lives. They should lead lives of creative thinking and invest their energy in constructive work.

There are both boys and girls amongst students. If the boys can excel in any field, why can't the girls? They must never consider themselves inferior. Considering the self inferior is like obstructing our own self-power. In fact, even they have indomitable spirit and immeasurable strength which can push them to move forward on the path of development, and act as a big motivation.

Teachers Should be Conscious

We are all aware of this fact that one small seed grows up to become a huge tree. But the seed will wither away if it does not get sufficient supply of air, water, food from the start. The same applies to the young boys and girls. If this treasure of youth cannot be properly facilitated with enough care, cultural well-being and an eco-system of growth, then these little blooming flowers will wither away. It is the prime duty of the teachers that they enlighten their students about the importance of discipline, tolerance, friendliness, self-confidence and good culture in their life. A teacher's life should be an open book to their students who can watch and learn the way of good living from their experience.

It is being said that immorality is growing in this era. This is a matter of great concern. But I am not so worried about that as much as I am worried about the fact that the loyalty and faith of people is fast changing. They are all of the opinion that one cannot live everyday life with morality, truthfulness and non-violence. This is atheism, the oblivion of the principles of humanity. The teachers should try to make sure that the students don't inculcate such thoughts.

India is a culturally religious country. In such a country, immorality is growing at a fast pace. The culture of honesty, trust and togetherness is bickering away. The bankruptcy of moral values is making the life of people empty and hollow. If we don't check this immorality and misconduct and stop it at the earliest we might have to the face the consequence of this horrifying demon over-throwing the whole humanity. With a positive hope that these shattering ethical values and withering character lines will need our help and support system to revive, with the hope that the livelihoods of people shall be fulfilled with truth and honesty, we are trying to use the medium of a devoted movement to elevate the character of the people. Intellectuals like professors, writers and pedagogies are the brains of this country. The burden of helping this country from downfall and taking it forward in the right direction from downfall is now on their shoulders. That is why I would like that we all participate in this movement of socio-cultural enlightenment. Before the voice of ideals reaches others, it is necessary that the person first inculcates those ideals in his own life. In this audience of teachers, I would like to convey that they should inculcate and exhibit these three ideals in their own lives - Principles, Authenticity, and Fearlessness. If they can do this then their life in the true essence shall be progressive and the country's young minds will want to follow them too, hence helping give the country a living example of an idealistic life.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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