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Education for Bliss & Development: 07 ►Sculpting Child - Laying Foundation

Published: 12.05.2018

Development of children is the development of the nation. No country can have a strong foundation without the development of children. When reforms are being discussed on all fronts, then leaving children out is outrageous! Hence we call for strengthening of our roots by culturing our children.

Reforms take place only after the occurrence of an ill incident. We must sculpt our children such that the Satan does not even grow within the child. A sick person fights against the illness, but we must be proactive to avoid falling sick at all. Purity of Aahara-Vihara & enlightenment of wisdom can bring about the desired result.

Sharing my experience, I would say that I have remained healthy since I awakened to the root causes of sickness & ill health. I still feel young and active. If children are paid attention from beginning then the time wasted in reforming & recovering a child can be spent on constructive purposes. But, who has the time to channel the abundant positive energies of a child.

Without discipline, neither reform nor development can take place. Whom do we blame when children are not developed? How will one sculpt when he is not capable himself? Parents & teachers both are responsible for the development of a child, but who will shoulder character formation of the child? Buried in the worries of toys, clothes & jewellery for a child, the parents are neglecting the health & a healthy life for their children. Children can be sculpted through psychological mediums, all those mothers who remain irate with their kids, employ hurdles on the path of progress of their kids.


A child must be given a lot of love & care up to the age of 5 years, he must be subjected to tremendous control till 10 years of his age, 5 years beyond this age is very important for the development of a child's future. During this phase it's important to observe the daily activities of the child and guide them when they go wrong. Beyond the age of 16 yrs we need to treat our child like a friend as by this age they develop wisdom to differentiate right from wrong. To energize his wisdom, a healthy environment and communication is important, rest let him remain independent.

During discussion with a prominent writer Prabhakar Machve, he brought out an important point of lack of literature for children; leave alone the good literature for children. It is a fact supported by the neglect of word rich and prominent writers until the topmost writers don't involve themselves completely, average writers won't be able to achieve the desired result. I consider a primary teacher more important as it is easy to teach learned students compared to those who have just stepped into school. The job of teaching young children is equally useful as it is tough - it is easier to get attention of writers & wise men (as they understand the basics) than to attract kids towards a learning process.

It is very important to develop literature in a very moral mode with the help of far-sighted people. Though we survive within boundaries, our thought process knows no limits. I do not believe in the principles of caste & creed resulting in a practice that allows me to concentrate on moral values without religion specific inclination through my speeches for months at a stretch.

Pushpa Gupta, resident of Delhi once came up with an issue-"Acharyaji, I stay in Kabul where we get together within our homes for prayers. We can't do our prayers outside as it's a Muslim Regime!"

Making her understand I said "DHARMA is for the SOUL! How can someone become a hurdle for it? Why not practice a Dharma that no one can deny. Lord Mahaveer or Krishna Prayers might be objectionable to other religious beliefs -this is the factual front of Dharma. Why not practice the behavioural part of Dharma - which even an Atheist would not stand hurdle to!"

Few people believe that during the rule of communists, religion or Dharma cannot proliferate! But there is no force that can suppress Dharma that shows in behaviour. It can survive in any condition, any circumstance and any place!

Discussing National issues with Sri J.P. Nayak, he indicated towards a Dharma-less (Religion less) State. I suggested that the context in which the word has been used is inappropriate. A few years earlier Dr. Sampoornanand told on the same issue that "Word transformation is required & that can't be brought about by us, but if you think about this issue an appropriate word can be generated!" Words have significant psychological effect. A well settled nation not using any socially discriminative word is acceptable but being void of spiritual connect can result harmful too! It is important to rise above caste, creed and religious discrimination and develop the citizens morally for a bright future of the nation. For this it is important to holistically develop children. To sculpt children into well character humans, their parents too need to be trained!

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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