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Published: 09.06.2018

Every person has his own monolithic personality, but he lives in segments. Split personality is the biggest problem of this era. Our eternal principle is to search the seamless in segment. The person who practices of living at the level of consciousness can reach to this norm. The person who lives at the level of substance fragments his own personality. If the material is available to him, he senses pleasure. The lack of substance makes him sad. Air conditioned room gives him pleasure in summers and walking in the sun is annoying for him. While the one who lives at the level of consciousness turns the tragic circumstances into happiness. It is the identity of monolithic personality.

Equality, tolerance and self discipline are the formulas of monolithic personality. It is impossible to distract a person from his target who may remain even in compatibility and perversity. One who can tolerate all juniors and seniors and adjust with everyone he can never break. The person who has developed the power of self-control would never do anything wrong due to fear or temptation. The person with these three things never breaks through mind or body. Secret of the monolithic personality is hidden in this trimester.

Understand the Ignorance

Knowledge is an important element in construction of monolithic personality. It is essential to understand knowledge to recognize ignorance. Philosophy has a rule - yat sat tat sapratipaksham - in this world, every existed element has its opponent too. Without opponent anything could neither remain in existence nor become the subject of wit. If there is any element named knowledge then there is ignorance too. Knowledge is incomplete without considering the realization of ignorance. There may be question in human mind that what is the purpose to understand or explain the ignorance while he wants to be knowledgeable and to get knowledge. It also has an important purpose. It is must to understand ignorance to get and understand the knowledge; otherwise we will never understand knowledge. If we are unable to understand knowledge then it would be far enough to get it. If we want to understand light we have to understand darkness. Without understanding the darkness, light can never be understood.

How Long is the Darkness?

Darkness is a rival of light. But it does not have courage that it could appear before the light. It is said, "Once darkness had appealed in the court of God that the sun disturbs me very much. It is after me round the clock. Wherever I go, it reaches there and keeps me running further ahead."

Everyone has the right to obtain justice in the court of God. God listened to him and to do justice he ordered sun to appear in the court immediately. The sun appeared. God said, "You are great. You are capable. You shine all over the world. But it is nevermore meant that you eliminate the existence of the weak. Everyone has the same right to live. An elephant has the right to live so what an ant has not?"

The sun could not understand the broad and wide role of God's consent. He pleaded to God, "Lord! Please clarify. I am unaware." God said, "Darkness complained about you that you are bent on ending his existence. Wherever it goes you supposed to go there and drive him further ahead. That poor thing is totally fed up from your behaviour. Why are you after him?"

"Lord! Who darkness?" The sun asked surprisingly. He spoke again, "I did not see him. I never met him. Then why this false allegations! You call him once in front of me so that I can see him and talk to him straight. This would also help you to know Status Quo."

The God sent a messenger immediately to call the darkness. It is said that darkness never appears before the Sun till date. The case stands intact.

Ignorance Indeed Troublesome

Knowledge and ignorance have the same status as of Sun and the darkness. Ignorance is an opponent of knowledge. But it has no courage to stand before knowledge. The meaning of this saying is ignorance exists only till the emergence of knowledge. The very day knowledge emerges there is no space for ignorance even for a second.

Similarly, there is no space for knowledge till there is ignorance. If ignorance doesn't exist then why should it be called the most sinful of all sins? This is said for it -

Agyaan khalu kashtn, krodhadibhyospi
Arth hitmahitan vaa, navetti yenavrito lok

Accept Knowledge

The biggest grief or sin in the world is ignorance. Anger, fear, greed, delusion, desire all are sins. However, ignorance is above all. Because, these things come for a while and after making the impact go away. But, ignorance makes a man blind. What to do and what not to do? What is in his favour and what is against him? He does not have the sense to discriminate. Where a man ceased to discriminate between doable act and bad act, favour and harm, he never lives a life of happiness and peace. Hence, Lord Mahaveer gave a resolution to his disciples - annaan pariyanaami, naan uavsanpajjaami - I abdicate Ignorance and I accept Knowledge.

In fact, ignorance is troublesome because, its results are very dangerous. A person does mistakes as a result of ignorance. Before practicing the formulas of monolithic personality, clear knowledge about it should be acquired. Only through this process the development of all round personality is possible.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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